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Looking to buy sexy things? Here are some shops and manufacturers we recommend!
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SheVibe is one of my favorite online retailers. They have a huge selection, excellent prices, and frequent sales. They carry some really fun brands that many other shops don’t carry, like Funkit Toys, Hole Punch, and Split Peaches.

Best for: getting a great deal, lots of options including hard-to-find brands

Vibrant is a new shop that’s really rad. Not only do they exclusively sell body-safe products, avoid gendered language, and focus on sex positivity, they also donate their proceeds to Planned Parenthood!

Best for: shopping for a good cause, body-safe products

Tantus is an outstanding maker of silicone toys. They have frequent sales and their Grab Bag selection is a great place to find toys for cheap.

Best for: body-safe toys, good discounts

Lovehoney is a well known shop that offers lots of good deals, international shipping, and a terrific 365-day return policy.

Best for: international shipping, knowing you can return a product for free

Fleshlight is a popular company that makes penis toys. Their iconic strokers are available in several styles, including their Fleshlight Girls line that features sleeves molded from porn stars.

Best for: penis toys

Babeland is an awesome shop that carries fewer toys than some others, but the toys they do carry are carefully selected and all high-quality choices. They have a lot of cool sex toy kits, too.

Best for: luxury toys, sex toy kits/gift sets

Good Vibrations has been around for a while and knows how to do things right. They have a wide variety of high-quality products and emphasize the importance of sex-positivity and education.

Best for: eco-friendly products, erotica and educational books, body-safe products, inexpensive vibrators

Early to Bed is an indie sex shop that I adore. They carry a great selection of porn and educational videos as well as books. They also have a lot of products for binding and packing, as well as harnesses.

Best for: books and movies, gender expression products

The Stockroom is the go-to shop for BDSM gear and toys.

Best for: kinky folks

She Bop is an inclusive indie sex shop with an excellent selection of high quality, body-safe toys.

Best for: body-safe toys

Smitten Kitten call themselves “a progressive sex toy store for everyone,” and I can’t give a better description than that. This feminist shop is awesome and you should check them out!

Best for: gender expression, body-safe products


Amazon is a good place to buy things like condoms, lube, lingerie, erotica, and Wahl massagers that make fantastic vibrators. I do NOT recommend buying sex toys from Amazon. I know the low prices are tempting, but you’re better off spending a little extra to make sure you’re not getting a counterfeit toy.

Best for: good deals on condoms, lube, lingerie; erotica; fast shipping