About VLS

We’re a couple of twenty-somethings living in the Pacific Northwest. Our goal here is to educate and inform others about issues related to sexuality and sexual health from a sex-positive, feminist perspective. Mostly we will be sharing reviews of sex toys. In doing so, we strive to be as honest, informative, and inclusive as possible.

When we’re not working on the blog you can often find us binge-watching something, listening to audiobooks, kicking some Alliance ass in World of Warcraft, or playing a board game or Magic: The Gathering.

About April
I’m a queer non-binary femme who has dreams of becoming a sex therapist. I have genito-pelvic pain disorder, chronic pain, and multiple mental health issues that sometimes complicate my life — especially when it comes to sex. I’m obsessed with tattoos and makeup, I enjoy a nice cup of tea and also I want to hug every cat. Oh, and I’m a bit of a power queen; no weak vibes allowed.

Favorite toys: We-Vibe Tango, VixSkin MustangSola Cue, Satisfyer PenguinWomanizer PlusBS Atelier Alex, Crowned Jewels Marylebone

About Liam
Hey there! I’m a straight cis guy and although most of our sex toys are being reviewed by April, I like to be there to share in the experience and discussion. My mission is to help people be more open and comfortable with themselves and in their relationships (other straight cis guys, I’m emphasizing this for you). Talking about sex and sex toys should never be taboo.

Favorite toys: Fleshlight Quickshot, Stoya Lotus Fleshlight, Tantus Vibrating C-Ring


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