Swan Curve

The Swan Curve is a vibrator that features squeeze responsive controls. Instead of having preset vibration settings, the user can change the vibration strength and create unique patterns by squeezing the handle. Its shape makes it great for g-spot stimulation and its deep, rumbly vibration means it’s perfect for clitoral stimulation too.

Figuring out how to use the Curve was a breeze thanks to my familiarity with Minna’s similar squeeze control toys. It starts in “free-squeeze” mode when the toy is turned on. In this mode, the toy responds immediately to your squeezes and only vibrates as long as you’re squeezing it. From here you can choose to “speed lock” the intensity, setting it to a steady speed. Or, you can set it to “mimic mode” where you can create your own patterns that will loop.

Aside from Swan’s and Minna’s, the only other toys with squeezeable controls I’m aware of are Cal Exotics’ Impress vibes. I haven’t tried any of the Impress toys but I’ve only read negative reviews of them. So even though they (are meant to) work the same way, I wouldn’t consider them to be comparable to the Swan or Minna toys. I have previously reviewed and enjoyed the Minna Ola and Limon, and I feel the need to compare the Swan Curve to them. There are several ways in which I think the Swan Curve excels and others in which I think Minna is superior.

First, let’s go over what I think Swan gets right.

The Curve’s rumbliness makes it outstanding at both internal and external stimulation. The Minna Limon is decently rumbly, but only useful for external stimulation. The Ola feels good internally but leans too far to the buzzy end of the spectrum to work for me clitorally. So I have to say I’m much more impressed with the Curve’s power and versatility. I do love a good versatile vibe.

Compared to the Ola, the Curve’s shape targets my g-spot more intensely with its defined curve and bulbous head. To be honest, sometimes I prefer the more gentle g-spot stimulation of the Ola, but overall I think the Curve’s shape is more effective.

One complaint I have about the Ola is that it can be difficult to use its squeeze pad when I’m using it internally. The Curve has squeeze pads on the sides, like the Minna Limon, which works much better.

And what do I think Minna does better?

I find Minna’s squeeze controls easier to press. Occasionally I have a hard time squeezing the Curve due to joint pain. That typically happens when I’m pressing it to max speed for a while, and to remedy that I can use the “speed lock” feature. However, if I want to use the Curve the way I like to use the Limon — with slow build up of clitoral stimulation plus some edging — then that’s not really ideal. Locking the speed means losing the ability to quickly switch to a less intense speed when I’m close to orgasm, like I can with the Limon. So, the Limon has the advantage there.

I also prefer Minna’s chargers to the insertable kind of charger that the Swan Curve uses. I feel like I end up running into more charging problems over time with insertable ones than than I do with magnetic or wireless chargers. In fact, I encountered a problem with the charger of the first Curve I received. But I’m happy to report that I haven’t had any technical difficulties with my replacement.

Final thoughts

I would hate for it to become another ridiculous sex toy trend, but I really wish more companies would give squeeze responsive toys a try. It’s a concept I love for the versatility and control it gives the user. Scroll wheel controls also have those benefits, but I appreciate that squeeze controls also allow for the easy creation of custom patterns.

In addition to the Curve, Swan makes two other styles of squeeze control toys: the Kiss and the Hug. After reading Rae’s review of the Swan Kiss, I’m interested in trying it too! Its fluttering tip sounds amazing. Each toy is available in pink and teal. Y’all know how much I love teal so even though the only other choice is pink, I’m not mad about those options.

And here’s something else that Swan gets right, that I didn’t mention above: the price. For comparison, the best discounted price I’m aware of for the Ola is still over $80. The Swan Curve is available for only $70. And when you consider the fact that the Curve is capable of both internal and external stimulation, that’s an exceptionally good deal.

You can find the Swan Curve (and other squeeze responsive toys from Swan) at SheVibe!

THANK YOU SheVibe for sending me this product in exchange for my honest review!

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