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Satisfyer is one of many companies making suction toys. What most notably sets them apart from the rest is their price; Satisfyer’s toys are all more affordable than their competitors’. Some of you may be wondering if their low price is indicative of low quality products, and I’d say no, not really — depending on the model.

I got the original Satisfyers (Pro 2, Pro Penguin, Pro Deluxe, Satisfyer 1, and Satisfyer 2) a while back, before the “Next Generation”1 toys were released. The Next Generation models are updated versions of the originals and I have the new Pro 2 and Pro Penguin, my two favorites.

Satisfyer also recently released 3 new suction toys: a rabbit, a ‘couples’ toy, and a vibrator. I haven’t tried them (and honestly have no interest in them except for the vibrator) so I can’t comment on those at all.

But back to the Next Generation models. What was updated? All of the new models feature improved controls, as they now have up/down buttons to control the power instead of having to cycle through with one button. The new models appear to be truly waterproof, whereas some of the original toys were not.  The Next Generation Pro 2 and Penguin are slightly stronger and slightly quieter, so based on my experience with these, I doubt the other models power and noise levels are dramatically different.

So without further ado, here is my ranking of (most of) the Satisfyer stimulators, from best to worst.


1. Pro 2

Even though I can’t decide if I personally enjoy the Pro 2 or Pro Penguin more, the Pro 2 is definitely my top recommendation. It is by far the most powerful toy of the bunch, it’s rechargeable, and has easy to use controls.

I liked the original Pro 2 but the Next Generation Pro 2 is even better. In the photo on the right, the Next Gen is the one on the left.

The Next Generation Pro 2 has a wider opening on the nozzle than the original, making it feel more powerful while also being less pinpoint. In general I enjoy very pinpoint stimulation but with the Pro 2 it doesn’t work as well for me because the intensity can become too overwhelming. Ironically the original Pro 2’s narrower nozzle is more like the shape of the Womanizers’ which I love.

I think the reason why I like the narrow nozzles of the Womanizers but prefer a wider nozzle on the Satisfyer Pro 2 has to do with the pulsation quality. I would describe the Pro 2’s sensations as more thuddy and harsh, and the Womanizers’ as strong but smooth. The differences are difficult to articulate, so I hope that makes sense!

The Next Generation Pro 2’s controls are excellent. It features up and down buttons to control intensity and has a separate, easy to find power button. My only complaint about the buttons is that I’d rather they were higher up on the handle instead of in the middle.

2. Pro Penguin

Like I said above, I can’t decide if I prefer the Pro Penguin or Pro 2, I go back and forth. But the Penguin is one of my favorite toys in my collection.

It’s strong, easy to hold and control, rechargeable, and it’s honestly pretty cute. The Next Generation Pro Penguin is appropriately black and white and looks very dapper with its (removable) bow tie. The original model was pink and looked like Birdo.2

It’s definitely powerful, but it’s not as intense as the Pro 2. The nozzle is angled slightly, which sometimes makes it harder to find the right position when I’m using it, but it also makes the stimulation less direct and therefore gentler. I would say the pulsation quality is on par with the Womanizer, with that gentler, smoother sensation I mentioned.

The small rounded handle is easy for me to hold when I’m using it and the buttons are easy to access. I prefer the placement of them compared to the Pro 2’s. But, I find myself wanting a separate power button, instead of pressing the “up” button to turn it on and off.

3. Satisfyer 1

The Satisfyer 1 (the purple one in the background of the picture on the right) disappoints me because in theory it’s a decent toy but it isn’t intense enough to get me off. I’ve heard positive things about it from other folks, but it just doesn’t do it for me. I was able to eke out a sad, faint orgasm with it once; and then never again.

Even though it doesn’t quite work for me, I think it has a good design. It’s nozzle is similar to the Pro 2 and it has a sleek, slim case.  For a battery powered toy it has a surprising amount of power.

It’s a good place to start if you’re on a budget but curious about suction toys. It’s only $32 and the least expensive suction toy I know of.

4. Satisfyer 2

I really want to like the Satisfyer 2 (the white one in the foreground of the picture on the right). It’s powerful, especially for a battery powered toy, and it’s even stronger than the Satisfyer 1. It has an angled nozzle like the Penguin that creates great sensations. I appreciate it’s longer handle.

BUT it’s clunky, loud, rattly, and mine broke very easily while I was gently cleaning out the nozzle one day. In my opinion it looks and feels cheap compared to the other models. I haven’t heard of other folks having issues with this one breaking but to me it doesn’t seem to be as well made as the others.

I would suggest spending $15 more and getting the Pro Penguin instead, if you can afford it and you’re not looking for a battery powered toy.

5. Pro Deluxe

The Pro Deluxe — or as I like to call it, “the sad potato” — is absolutely my least favorite. It doesn’t work for me even a little bit and in my opinion seems poorly designed. You don’t see it in the main photo for this review because I got rid of the heckin’ thing before I took blog-worthy pictures. The photo on the left is one I snapped with my phone when I got it.

Its shape is similar to the Womanizer Pro W500 but instead of having a nozzle that sticks out, it’s flat as a pancake. I don’t understand this. I know at least a couple people who love this toy but I don’t see this working well for most people with vulvas. I like pressure against my clit when I use toys but the way I have to smoosh the Pro Deluxe against my vulva to get to my clit is… unpleasant.

What makes it even worse for me is that its potato shape makes it difficult to hold. If it had a longer handle it might be easier but as is? Nah.


I really love the Pro 2 and Pro Penguin and definitely recommend them to anyone interested in suction toys.  However, if you can afford it, I would recommend a Womanizer instead. Womanizer’s toys are consistently well built instead of being hit-or-miss and I like that they come with two differently shaped nozzles. But if you can’t (or don’t want) to spend $80 to $220 on one of those, the Satisfyer stimulators are an excellent and considerably less expensive alternative. Their prices range from about $30 to $65.

You can find Satisfyer’s toys at SheVibe, Luvoqa, and Lovehoney US & UK

THANK YOU Satisfyer for sending me these toys in exchange for my honest review! 

  1. Suction, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the sex toys, Satisfyers. Their continuing mission: to explore strange new vulvas, to seek out new sensations and new orgasms, to boldly go where no one has gone before (except for Womanizer, ’cause, ya know, they did it first and all…). /startrekjoke []
  2. fun facts: Birdo is probably trans, and is Yoshi’s girlfriend! Not kidding. []

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