Sola Cue

I first encountered the Sola Cue at Woodhull this year. Sola was sponsoring the Blogger Lounge one day and had their toys there on display. The Cue’s lovely pale blue color caught my eye and it’s powerful, rumbly vibration warmed my heart. Awww!

I jumped at the chance to review it for SheVibe a couple months after the conference and it quickly became a staple in my bedside drawer. Some toys make reviewing feel almost like a chore, but this was far from being the case with the Cue. My “let’s test the Cue one more time…” approach was actually hindering my progress on other reviews.

When it comes to vibrators, there are few things that make me happier than a toy that works equally well for internal and clitoral stimulation. I require much higher levels of rumble and strength on my clit compared to in my vagina, so this can be hard to find. But the Cue excels at both and has usurped the title previously held by the L’Amourose Prism V and Lelo Mona 2 as my favorite versatile toy.

The shape of the Cue isn’t anything especially exciting, but for me the subtlety is perfectly okay. The rumbly vibration is the important part here. Its strength makes it excellent for g-spot stimulation even without a shape that’s super honed in on the g-spot. Anything more than its slight curve and narrowing in the middle might be overwhelming, even.

The Cue’s silicone is silky smooth and I find that a little lube goes a long way when using it. The majority of the Cue is hard and inflexible, with the exception being the thinner part in the middle which has some bend to it. That little bit of flex makes both internal and external play more comfortable in my experience.

I appreciate that the buttons are easy to find and press, and the controls are simple and straightforward. There are 5 vibration intensities and 5 patterns. I like having two buttons so I can switch back and forth between settings instead of having to cycle through them all.

Conveniently, the Cue is USB rechargeable. It takes somewhere between an hour and hour and a half to fully charge and lasts about as long in use. It’s also fully waterproof, meaning it’s easy to clean and you can use it in the bath or shower.

I love everything about the Cue, including the price. It’s only $80 which is a great deal compared to similar toys. Whether you’re new to vibrators or you’ve got bins full of them, I highly recommend the Sola Cue!

THANK YOU SheVibe for sending me this product in exchange for my honest review!

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