10 body-safe sex toys you can buy for $50 or less

There’s a common misconception that body-safe toys are expensive. And I can understand why this misconception exists. Many toys that receive a lot of hype, are reviewed by bloggers, and are featured in shops tend to be $100+ “luxury” toys.  But the truth is that high quality and high price aren’t always synonymous. There’s an abundance of terrific inexpensive body-safe toys to choose from these days!

Nevertheless, the idea that “body-safe = $$$” was a recurring theme during a problematic panel called “The Truth About Body-Safe: a frank, evidence-based discussion on what body-safe really means,” which I eye-rolled, groaned, and quietly cackled my way through with fellow bloggers at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit last month. It inspired me to do some mythbusting!

So here we are. My intention is to eventually write a big guide on where to find the best prices/sales and what I think the best affordable toys are. But I wanted to start with some excellent toys from my own toybox.

Before we begin, let’s go over the basic criteria for body-safe toys:

  • Made of a non-porous material, or a material you can thoroughly clean (pure silicone, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, sealed wood, glazed ceramic, acrylic, ABS plastic)
  • Doesn’t contain toxins like phthalates
  • If it’s going in a butt, it must have a sufficiently flared base

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1) Jopen Lust L2

Strong and rumbly vibrators are difficult to find for $50 or less. The Jopen Lust L2 (the pink toy pictured on the right) is one of the few I know of and happens to be one of my favorite external vibrators.  It may not be as strong as my beloved We-Vibe Tango, but it can get me off pretty easily.

In addition to being powerful, it has other features that are hard to come by in toys $50 or less: its waterproof, rechargeable, and has a travel lock function.

Literally my only complaint about this toy is the placement of the button; it’s very easy to accidentally turn it off during use depending on how you hold it. Other than that, it’s an amazing little vibe.

$49.99 at SheVibe


2) Vibratex Mini Magic Wand

This tiny wand isn’t quite powerful enough for my clit of steel but it’s decently strong and rumbly.  If you don’t require tons of power this should be satisfying. The Mini Magic Wand provides broader stimulation that a lot of small external vibes and it has a bendable neck that makes it more comfortable to apply pressure. Plus, it’s waterproof. There’s a rechargeable version as well for under $50.

Read my full review here.

$35.99 at SheVibe, $38 at Early to Bed (they also carry a mini attachment for it!)


3) Bswish Bgee

The Bswish Bgee (the blue toy pictured above) is an excellent option for targeted g-spot stimulation. This simple, thin vibrator was one of my first and while I don’t find myself using it much anymore, it was a good choice for me at the time. Back then I had a more difficult time inserting most toys over 1″ diameter and I wasn’t very familiar with my g-spot. This vibrator was a comfortable size and helped me learn what kind of g-spot stimulation I liked.

$28.50 at SheVibe, $29 at She Bop


4) Tantus Sport

Slightly curved and with a bulbous head, the Tantus Sport (the black and purple dildo pictured to the left) excels at g-spot and prostate stimulation. It’s made of firm silicone that allows for intense pressure. And if you’re like me and prone to getting toys caught behind your pubic bone, you may be relieved to know the smooth curve from the Sport’s head to its shaft prevents this from happening when I use it.

Are there more exciting dildos out there if this is the kind of stimulation you’re looking for? Sure. But if you want something effective and inexpensive, the Sport is a solid choice.

Also, it’s harness compatible and anal safe thanks to its base.

$34.99 at SheVibe, $44 from Tantus (cheaper if it is available as a Grab Bag item)


5) Vixen Mistress

If it’s gentler g-spot or prostate stimulation you’re searching for, the Vixen Mistress (the turquoise dildo pictured above) can get the job done. This semi-realistic dildo is a little on the slimmer side with only a 1.25″ diameter and it’s somewhat flexible.  It’s not dual density like Vixen’s more notable toys (like the glorious VixSkin Mustang) but it’s a tiny bit squishy. Both harness compatible and anal safe.

You can also get a Vixen Mistress that you can insert a bullet vibrator into, which is just $2 more than the basic version, and I’d highly recommend that option.

Starting at $46.99 at SheVibe


6) Split Peaches Unicorn Horn

The Unicorn Horn (pictured to the right) is a fun and unique toy from an awesome small toy company called Split Peaches. I’m a sucker for anything unicorn-related and/or rainbow-colored (because I’m just that kind of queer) so naturally I adore this toy. Plus, tapered toys are ideal for me so, even better! The twisting texture is subtle but adds an enjoyable sensation.

I was fortunate enough to have won my small pastel Unicorn Horn at Woodhull this year but for just $43 I happily would have paid for it instead. Also harness compatible and anal safe.

Comes in 3 colors and the small size starts at $38 at SheVibe


7) Tantus Ripple

The Tantus Ripple (the red toy pictured below) is a satisfying ‘beaded’ toy. It doesn’t work well as a plug especially because the neck isn’t narrow enough for it to stay put, but the feeling of the notches going in and out is fantastic.  Comes in a small or large size (1″ diameter at widest point and 1.5″, respectively).

Read our full review here.

Starting at $26.99 from Tantus, $27 at Vibrant, $28.99 at SheVibe, $30 at Babeland


8) Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Plug

Doc Johnson’s Mood Naughty (the black butt plug pictured to the left) is a basic plug that’s great for beginners or anyone looking for slimmer butt toys. You can choose between small, medium, and large sizes (ranging from .75″ diameter to 1.25″).

The Mood Naughty plug was my first anal toy and still one of my favorites. It’s a comfortable plug with a flexible neck and base that fits nicely between the cheeks. It’s not really my thing, but I imagine it would work rather well for wearing for longer periods of time.

Starting at $15.99 at SheVibe, $19.99 at Lovehoney US, and £10 at Lovehoney UK


9) Tantus Vibrating Super Soft C-Ring

Yes, another Tantus toy! There are a lot of other body-safe vibrating cock rings available these days but here’s why I think  Tantus’ Vibrating Super Soft C-Ring is exceptional: it’s durable, comfortable, pure silicone, can fit a We-Vibe Tango, and made by a company I trust.  We do prefer to use it with the Tango in instead because it’s so powerful, but as far as watch battery bullet vibes go, the one it comes with isn’t bad. This ring is perfect for someone new to cock rings because, unless you’re exceptionally girthy, it will fit snugly but not too tightly.

Read our full review here.

$28.99 at SheVibe and Vibrant

(There is also a non-vibrating Super Soft C-Ring for around $10 at Early to Bed, Tantus, SheVibe, Babeland, and Vibrant.)


10) Fleshlight Quickshot

So, a lot of masturbation sleeves are made out of toxic or at least questionable materials, but Fleshlight1 products are an exception. Their sleeves are made from a material known as TPE which is non-toxic. TPE is porous, but porosity doesn’t matter as much for penises.2 As long as you thoroughly rinse off the toy and let it dry after each use, it should be safe. If the toy starts to show any spots/stains or smells weird, throw it out.

Okay, enough about TPE. Here’s what we love about the Fleshlight Quickshot: it’s compact, versatile, satisfying for penises of all shapes and sizes, and very easy to clean. There are cheaper options for body-safe sleeves, like Tenga’s Eggs or Cups, but they are meant to be disposable. With some TLC the Quickshot will last you a long time.

Read our full review here.

$35 from Fleshlight, $35 at SheVibe, $38 at Babeland, $35 at Early to Bed, $40 at Lovehoney US and £25 at Lovehoney UK


We wanna know, what are some of your favorite body-safe toys under $50? Leave a comment and let us know!

  1. and Tenga []
  2. because sensitivity to microbes and pH and other sciencey stuff []

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