Paddle Review Sampler: Tantus Pelt and LVX Honeycomb Paddle

As much as I love being spanked, and fantasize about it, and crave it, I didn’t own any paddles for a long time. Finally I acquired these lovely specimens, the LVX Supply Honeycomb Paddle and the Tantus Pelt, and got to expand my spanking horizons.


LVX Supply Honeycomb Paddle

LVX Supply is an Etsy shop where you can find “handmade esoteric, occult, bdsm, and fetish relics.” The shop features unique and very aesthetically pleasing wooden paddles, collars, cuffs, harnesses, and more. I pretty much want all of the paddles, but so far I’ve only purchased the Honeycomb paddle.

When my paddle arrived I was incredibly impressed by the craftsmanship. Every item is made to order, with a couple of customization options. You get to choose the finish and thickness. There’s also an option to personalize it by adding an engraving.

There are 6 finishes to choose from. My paddle is the lightest finish, “natural.” I think all the finishes would look great but I especially love the contrast of the light and dark hexagons and lines.

All paddles are 13 inches long and 4 inches wide, but you choose how thick you want your paddle to be. There are three choices (thin, medium, and thick) ranging from about 0.4 to 0.8 inches. My paddle is medium thickness. There’s also a steel reinforced option if you want it extra thuddy. I think medium was a good option for me, especially since I’m not very experienced using paddles. It’s a little thuddy but since it’s pretty lightweight it has a decent amount of sting, too.

It features several hexagonal “speed holes” that allow it to move through the air more swiftly.  That factor paired with the lightness of it make it easy to swing with a good impact, even without using much force. Liam is able to dole out heavier swats than I can, but that makes sense since he’s stronger than me.

The honeycomb pattern is really interesting (and leaves the most adorable marks on your ass) and I’ve gotten so many compliments and questions about this paddle. LVX Supply really excels at creating unique and beautiful paddles that are sexy, effective, and works of art. I adore my Honeycomb Paddle and I can’t wait to buy more from their shop!

THANK YOU LVX Supply for offering me a discount on this product in exchange for my honest review!


Tantus Pelt

Tantus has a line of silicone paddles that I’d been wanting to try for a long time, namely the Pelt. I found its small, compact shape that could deliver more precise slaps more appealing than the larger and longer Tantus paddles.

All of the Tantus paddles are made of soft, matte silicone that is a good vegan alternative to suede and leather. The spanking portion of the paddles are thin and flexible, while the handles are thicker to allow a stiffer area to hold onto. This silicone is such a smart choice because it feels great, looks sexy, and easy to sanitize.

The Pelt is a rather versatile paddle. You can give sharp stinging slaps by using a flicking or sweeping motion or harder, slightly thuddy slaps with a more direct and controlled hit. The matte silicone feels nice being dragged against the skin too, either teasingly or soothingly between spanks.

Liam and I both found that it was a bit difficult for us to control at first but it didn’t take long to get the hang of it. The silicone is a little floppy so it’s harder to wield than a wooden or stiff leather paddle. A few practice swats on something will help you get a feel for how it moves and bends.

I’ve had such great experiences with the Pelt that now I’m intrigued by the other Tantus paddles, too. I think the Wham Bam will be the next on my list; I’m excited to see what kinds of stingy sensations it has to offer.


THANK YOU Tantus for sending me this product in exchange for my honest review!


P.S. If spanking is something you want to try, but you’ve had a hard time bringing it up with your partner(s), I recommend reading spank-enthusiast and blogger extraordinaire Kate Sloan’s advice on the topic!

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