Fun Factory Big Boss G5

The Fun Factory Big Boss G5 took a little trip to Egypt before it finally arrived at my doorstep. I was getting impatient waiting for it; I was so stoked to try it after I experienced how amazing and powerful the Fun Factory Miss Bi is. I’m happy to report it was well worth the wait.

At 1.8 inches in diameter, the name “Big Boss” is appropriate. I tend to prefer smaller toys, but lately I’ve been wanting to challenge myself a little. The Big Boss certainly is a challenge for me, and it’s a rewarding one.

The vibration is deep and rumbly and the squishy silicone makes the girth of the toy more comfortable. The head isn’t anything especially unique or intense but I appreciate that it’s a bit more subtle because the girth paired with intense stimulation of my g-spot would be really uncomfortable. I like the way it makes me feel some pressure against it but I don’t feel like my g-spot is being poked. I also enjoy that it’s rather flexible because girth plus stiffness would be uncomfortable too.

Like most Fun Factory toys, the silicone has that soft and slightly “dusty” texture, and requires a lot of lube. And since it’s so big I need even more lube. Lots of lube. I don’t like to thrust my toys much in general, but especially not when they are this big. I prefer to just enjoy the vibration and sensation of fullness. This works out well when it comes to lube conservation efforts because I would need a hell of a lot more to make a bunch of thrusting feel good.

fun factory big boss 2

Like the Fun Factory Miss Bi, the Big Boss’ vibrations are impressively strong and rumbly. It’s strong enough for me to use it effectively for clitoral stimulation too, and coming from me that’s saying a lot. It’s not my fave for this but it’ll do if it’s conveniently close or other toys I’d usually use are dead.

The controls are easy to use and simple to figure out. Press and hold the ‘FUN’ button to turn it on and click it to turn it off quickly. There are six speeds and six patterns, three of which are pulsing patterns. The + and – buttons control the speed and once it’s on the highest speed the + switches through the patterns.

The Big Boss uses the “click n charge” magnetic USB charger that Fun Factory uses for most of their toys. This is really convenient if you have more than one Fun Factory toy that uses that charger because when your cats destroy one, you already have a backup charger!

If you’re a fan of girthier than average toys or want to try something a little bigger, I highly recommend the Fun Factory Big Boss G5. It’s body-safe, strong, waterproof, USB rechargeable, easy to use; I don’t think it get’s much better than this!

You can find it at SheVibe in fantastic fluorescent pink like mine, black, or a light nude color.

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THANK YOU SheVibe for sending me this toy in exchange for my honest review!

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