Fun Factory Bouncer

If you are unfamiliar with the Fun Factory Bouncer, it might look like just a standard silicone dildo with a wavy shape. But, much like Transformers, there is more than meets the eye. The Bouncer is essentially a dildo with kegel balls in it and the three bulges along the shaft hold those balls. When you shake it in your hand you can feel them rattling around, and the idea is that when you thrust it in your other body parts you’ll feel it too. Sadly, this doesn’t really happen when I use it. That’s not necessarily the Bouncer’s fault, though.

fun_factory_bouncer_1If I had to guess, I’d say I probably thrust less than most people when I use dildos. So I can’t say I’m too surprised this feature doesn’t work perfectly for me. Before I tried it for the first time, I expected I would probably feel less fun jigglyness than others would but that I’d at least get some extra pleasure from it. The reality though is that I hardly feel the balls jiggling around in there at all; their movement is too subtle. I think you’d have to thrust pretty damn vigorously to enjoy its full potential. That’s not a theory I want to test because lots of quick thrusting is not something that feels good to my vagina, like, at all. It was also suggested to me to shake the base to get the balls to move, and that works better but it’s not comfortable for me to do that long enough to actually enjoy it. I don’t want to have to work that hard for a good orgasm.

One way the Bouncer pleasantly surprised me is with its shape. It has a slight curve that targets my g-spot well. I’m not a fan of intense g-spot stimulation so the gentle curve paired with the dragginess of the silicone is just right. The silicone is slightly different than the other Fun Factory toys I own. The Bouncer is smoother with more drag to it compared to the others, like the Miss Bi, which have a softer and more velvety feel.


Fun Factory claims that the Bouncer’s base will stick to smooth surfaces and walls, as if it had a suction cup. I couldn’t get it to stick to my bedroom walls (maybe they are too textured?), and in the shower I had only temporary success before its weight pulled it down. Other than horizontal surfaces like tables and counter tops, the place it stuck best was a window. Sticking to my window is useless because I have zero interest in fucking something on a window. Exhibitionism isn’t really my thing.

There are a couple reasons why I appreciate the base though. One is that it makes it harness compatible. The other is that it makes it safe to put in butts. I prefer smaller or at least tapered toys when it comes to my butt though so I’ve never tried it, but I imagine it would feel pretty rad.

Regarding the price, I personally don’t think the Fun Factory Bouncer is worth it. I enjoy how it feels, but when the thing that’s most unique about it doesn’t factor into my pleasure at all, I don’t think it’s quite deserving of a $100 price tag. If I was someone who likes a lot of thrusting or could tolerate constant jiggling of the base while I use it, then I would feel more comfortable paying that much for it. Either way, I’m happy to see Fun Factory coming out with new and unique toys!

If you’re interested in trying the Bouncer yourself, you can get one directly from Fun Factory or from BabelandEarly to Bed, Lovehoney UKShe Bop, or SheVibe.


THANK YOU Fun Factory for sending me this product in exchange for my honest review!


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