Picobong Transformer

As a sex toy reviewer, I get pretty excited about unique toys. The PicoBong Transformer caught my attention because it was unlike anything I’d seen and I was interested in its versatility. It’s is a 2′ long, flexible, double-ended vibrator that PicoBong describes as being “millions of sex toys in one,” and is made for solo and/or partnered use. Plus, PicoBong is the sister brand of the luxury brand LELO, creators of the wonderful Mia and Mona 2, so I had high expectations.

But I’ll just cut to the chase and say it: Liam and I were majorly let down by the Transformer when we realized its vibrations are really buzzy, rendering it useless for us in any of the ways it could be creatively used. For being a $130 rechargeable vibrator, we expected it to be more powerful and rumbly. *sad trombone*

We couldn’t think of any ways to use it as a couples toy, other than Liam putting it around his testicles and the shaft of his penis to add some vibration during oral sex. He wasn’t especially impressed by it and just said “eh, it was okay.” PicoBong suggests using it as a cock ring, and hopefully they don’t mean like how we used it because I would not consider that a cock ring. It definitely wouldn’t work during PIV sex because it’s too loose to stay in place.


Liam tried using it during masturbation in a similar way as I just described and was even less impressed with that.  Then he tried putting the ends on the top and underside of his penis which I said looked like he was trying to pick it up with tongs, and he said it kind of felt like it too. Again, no bueno. Finally he sort of wrapped it around his penis like a pretzel and he just laughed and said “nope. I thought maybe if I tried something weird…” Another possibility would be to use it for prostate stimulation, which isn’t something he tried.

I tried using it a couple different ways for clitoral stimulation and neither felt good because of the buzzy vibrations. I tried it as a dual stimulation/”rabbit” vibe and that was more pleasurable but still didn’t do much for me. It can be used for anal and vaginal stimulation but it’s a pain in the ass1 because there’s no way to change the settings when the ends are inside of you… because that’s where the controls are. Let’s talk about that.

So yeah, one end features the PicoBong logo and the other has three buttons: + to turn on/increase power, M for patterns (or modes, I suppose), and – to turn off/decrease power. The controls are easy and intuitive but it’s rather inconvenient that you can’t access them when you’re using the toy in many of the ways you can possibly use it, i.e. both ends are inside of someone. A remote control feature would suit the Transformer well.


Despite our disappointment with the Transformer in use, there are several things we like about it, and these things give us hope for potential improved versions of the Transformer. We love its soft, matte silicone. We also enjoy the fact that it’s USB rechargeable and waterproof.

We also appreciated PicoBong’s marketing of the Transformer. They heavily emphasized its versatility in the sense that it is a toy for individuals and couples of any gender(s). I mean all toys can be marketed that way, so it’s not like it’s as revolutionary as they claim it to be2 and it’s definitely not “the world’s first gender-neutral sex toy,” but when so many other large companies still describe their products as being “for her,” “for him,” etc, it’s nice to see some more inclusive marketing. As a queer person this is important to me and I like seeing companies embracing gender-neutral marketing.

We think the PicoBong Transformer has potential and we love the idea of having a vibrator that can be adjusted to work with your body and your preferences. We’d love to see the Transformer get a much needed vibration upgrade, and hopefully a remote control! Sadly this was a case of the execution not being as good as the idea.


THANK YOU PicoBong for sending us this toy in exchange for our honest review!

  1. pun totally intended []
  2. like, literally they penned a manifesto for the Transformer []

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