Fun Factory Miss Bi

I am beyond excited to tell you all about the Fun Factory Miss Bi. It’s a dual stimulation (a.k.a rabbit) vibrator that’s a perfect shape and size for me and is incredibly strong and rumbly.

A problem a lot of people have with dual stimulation vibes is that the clitoral arm never reaches their clitoris, or it just doesn’t line up right. Kind of a big deal. The shaft on the Miss Bi is shorter than most (a little over 3 inches), and the clitoral arm is quite flexible and extends at a reasonable angle and distance which helps to correct those issues for many people (including me).

fun factory miss bi 2

The Fun Factory Miss Bi is one of the most well designed dual stim vibes I’ve seen. However, it’s not going to work well with everyone’s anatomy, because when it’s a one-size-fits-all type of thing that’s unfortunately bound to happen.

So let’s talk about the clitoral arm.

The clitoral arm is broad and thick, unlike the literal rabbit style arm that many dual stim vibrators have. I would describe its vibration as being more buzzy than rumbly but it’s not buzzy in a way that’s annoying or uncomfortable to me. It helps that the rumbly vibrations of the shaft carry into the arm, making it feel stronger.

Usually I want more pressure on my clitoris than the clitoral arm on the Miss Bi can provide, but thanks to the loop in the handle and flexibility of the arm it’s not difficult or uncomfortable for me to hold it down with my thumb.1 Since I sometimes struggle with inserting toys vaginally, I was afraid the arm wouldn’t reach while I warm myself up with some shallow penetration. But I was wrong. I can position it in a way so that I can still enjoy the dual stim while I do that. I have to hold the arm down more when I do it, but like I said, the design of the toy makes it comfortable for me to do that.

Is the clitoral arm strong enough to get me to orgasm? No. But that’s okay with me, for reasons I’ll get to once I’ve described the goodness that is the shaft…

What’s so great about the shaft?

The shaft is short but it’s designed for g-spot stimulation so it’s length is perect for that. The shortness also makes it easier for the clitoral arm to reach your clit like it’s supposed to.2 The curved tip targets my g-spot nicely but it isn’t too intense of a sensation since the shaft is also somewhat flexible and a bit squishy.

fun factory miss bi 6

It isn’t an especially girthy toy, with the widest point measuring about 1.5 inches. The smaller tip allows for easier insertion and the wider bulge toward the clitoral arm provides a nice filling sensation (and stimulates the sensitive outer third of the vagina). There are ridges along the sides but since the silicone isn’t firm, they don’t feel rigid and bothersome. In fact, my vagina hardly feels them at all.

The shaft produces deep, rumbly vibration. Typically I prefer gentle internal vibration so I was surprised by how much I liked this even it’s highest vibration strength.

But let’s get back to that orgasm thing. Being the power queen that I am, I don’t find the clitoral arm to be orgasm inducing. I can forgive the Miss Bi for this though because the shaft is strong enough for me to easily orgasm when using it on my clit. I like enjoying the dual stimulation for a while, then I switch to just clitoral stimulation with the shaft to finish. I don’t mind not having internal/g-spot stimulation when I orgasm and sometimes I actually prefer not having it, so this works for me.

And what are the controls like?

The shaft and clitoral arm each have motors that operate independently. The controls for them are easy and intuitive, with the button for the shaft being represented with a larger circle and the clitoral arm with a smaller circle. Pressing the ‘FUN’ button at the top turns them both on/off, and the shaft or clitoral arm can be turned off by holding down the corresponding button for a couple seconds. Quickly pressing the circle buttons allows you fun factory miss bi 1to cycle through the vibration settings, which include 3 steady vibration strengths and 3 patterns each.

Does it have any other cool features?

Hell yes it does!

First of all, the Miss Bi has the same loop handle as some of Fun Factory’s other vibrators like the Tiger and Big Boss. Like I mentioned above, I really enjoy that feature because it makes it easier and more comfortable for me to use. But wait, there’s more:

  • It has a simple travel lock function which is always appreciated.
  • The quick stop feature allows you to turn it off instantly with the click of a button.
  • The silicone is soft and it doesn’t attract too much lint or pet hair.
  • It’s fully waterproof.
  • It uses the same magnetic “click n’ charge” system that other Fun Factory toys have and is USB rechargeable.
  • It can be used anally thanks to the clitoral arm which stops your butt from devouring the whole toy like the glutton that it is.

The Fun Factory Miss Bi feels amazing and works for me anatomically, it has tons of great features, and I love it’s versatility (ie I can use it as a dual stim or just an external vibe). I love that Fun Factory was able to create a toy that solves so many issues that other dual stimulation vibrators have. I want to reiterate that this will not work for everyone, because that is the nature of dual stim vibes, but if you are wanting to try one out I think this is probably your best bet!

You can find the Fun Factory Miss Bi at SheVibe.

THANK YOU SheVibe for sending me this toy in exchange for my honest review!

  1. And I don’t find that doing so dampens the vibration []
  2. Without the shaft bumping into your cervix, even! []

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