Exotic-Erotics Phoenix

Well, before I even start this review, I need to address something: We haven’t posted anything in months. We’ve been neglecting the blog. Liam and I have been super busy with our new jobs as well as buying and moving into a new house, and I have been dealing with chronic pain and migraines that make me not want to do anything, you know, including writing posts about dildos and stuff. But in the last few months we’ve been enjoying some amazing toys, including the Phoenix from Exotic-Erotics.


For a long time I was pretty uninterested in fantasy type toys like Exotic-Erotics makes. But sculpted toys like the Phoenix have really grown on me. I appreciate having so many choices when it comes to texture, shape, and color, and that’s exactly what fantasy toys have to offer. Not everyone is into the idea of being fucked by a dragon or hippocampus, but that is certainly not a requirement for enjoying fantasy toys. Sometimes human-dick-shaped things just get boring, y’know?

I got the small Phoenix and it starts at $50 which I feel is a super reasonable price for a toy like this. The Phoenix looks awesome already with the ‘natural markings,’ but if you want to add more customization, you can pay a little extra for that. My Phoenix cost $80, and here are the customizations I made: medium firmness, green glow-in-the-dark1 — which has since been updated to a new green shade — as the primary/shaft color (+$15), fluorescent red (pink) as the secondary/base color (+$10), with a suction cup included (+$5). A free storage bag is also included (just make sure you check the box for it when you make your purchase). And I will tell you what the Exotic-Erotics folks told me about the suction cup: if you’re not sure about it, get it! All Exotic-Erotics toys are made of silicone and they send care instructions with each toy – very helpful!


Remember how I fell in love with the BS dildo? That’s exactly how I feel about the Phoenix, too. I adore it. It’s pretty much perfect to me. The (medium) firmness of the silicone is softer than I was expecting – in a good way – and is similar to the BS dildo. It is slightly firmer than Bad Dragon’s medium firmness. The small Phoenix is 7 inches long and the diameter of the head is 1.25 inches, and I have zero problems with insertion thanks to the tapered tip. Have I been able to insert it past the 2 inch knot? Um, hell no. My vag is so not ready for that. But that’s okay because it hits the right spot with the first few inches. The shape is very kind to my g-spot; it gently caresses it, in the best way possible, when I lightly thrust it.

If you already know you love fantasy toys then Exotic-Erotics is totally for you and you should check out their growing collection of unique toys – I mean where else are you going to find a wraith dildo?? If you’re new to (or maybe on the fence about) fantasy toys then I also highly encourage you to take a peek. The Phoenix is a great intro to fantasy toys. Exotic-Erotics is a small company run by some lovely folks and they absolutely deserve your business! You can purchase your very own Phoenix here.


THANK YOU Exotic-Erotics for sending me this toy in exchange for my honest review!

  1. I tried to get a picture of it glowing but my camera just wouldn’t take a good picture of it… check out Reenie’s review to see it in action! []

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