Sudden Sex by Alison Tyler

Sudden Sex,” an anthology edited by Alison Tyler, is all about spontaneity, as you may have deduced from the title. The stories include established couples, strangers, couples pretending to be strangers, some threesomes, and even a few about masturbation.

I love Alison Tyler, which is why I volunteered to review this book for her. But having high expectations for it led to a bit of disappointment to be honest. There are some amazingly hot stories included (Tyler’s own “Booked,” “Tripartite” by Georgia E. Jones, “Stopover” by A. D. R. Forte, “Sweet and Spicy” and “Triptych” by Kat Watson, “The Exorcism” by Veronica Wilde…) but many others left me wanting more. There is a healthy dose of kink in the anthology, which I highly approve of and expected from Tyler, but overall many just felt bland. I wasn’t as excited as I expected to be by all this “sudden sex” going on. I enjoy the theme of spontaneity, but quite a few stories bored me by their repetitive nature: a big, strong man and a woman are lusting after each other, she probably gives him the best blow-j ever, and then he pushes her onto the bed and fucks her hard until they both come, the end. All the different situations these men and women were in didn’t make much of a difference to me when it all just came back to that same narrative. Obviously there’s a reason why those stories are so common, but I was hoping for a little more variety. The few stories that really switch things up go to more “extreme” scenarios which I wasn’t expecting and they almost feel out of place. Specifically I’m thinking of a two-page story about a rape fantasy and another short story about pet play.

This is by no means a bad anthology; it’s just not as suited to my tastes as some other titles. There are a lot of super sexy stories and I especially appreciated all the kink thrown in, but too many stories were forgettable and lacking originality and diversity for me to give this a better review. As I already mentioned, I love Alison Tyler, but this one didn’t do it for me like her other books do. She previously published another anthology called “Frenzy: 69 Tales of Sudden Sex,” and I wonder how that compares to this.

You can purchase a copy of Sudden Sex from Amazon (paperback or Kindle).

THANK YOU Alison Tyler for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review!

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