Evolved Bet on Black

The Bet on Black vibrator is part of Evolved’s “Roulette” line. The main thing these toys have in common is a wheel that controls the vibration. That feature, plus the spirally, twisty texture of the Bet on Black looked enticing. The black and red color combo is appealing too, a refreshing difference from the shades of pink you’re typically stuck with.

The wheel, which is supposed to make it a “true multispeed” vibrator (according to the packaging), is a neat idea but doesn’t work as well as I had hoped. If there was a large range of speeds possible for the vibration, it would be pretty cool, but I am surprised by how little the speed actually changes when you go from low to high. I am happy with how quiet it is regardless of the setting, though.

As for the vibration itself, which is powered by two AA batteries, it is mediocre in my opinion. It isn’t bad but it’s also not something I’m blown away by. It is a mix of buzzy and rumbly, yet somewhat strong. It certainly isn’t strong enough for me to enjoy using it for clitoral stimulation, but I can’t really hold that against it because after all it’s not necessarily meant to be a clit vibe (and because I need a lot of power to get off that way). There are no patterns, and that’s fine by me.

I’m quite fond of how the smooth1 silicone feels. The downside to this kind of silicone is that it is a mega lint magnet unfortunately. I thought the swirly texture would create some wonderful and unique sensations, but instead it just feels… filling, to me. I can’t really tell that there is much texture at all when I use it but it is apparent that it is fairly large. I read that it is 1.5 inch diameter, which is pretty standard, but it’s more like 1.75 (about the size of the Tantus Cush or Vamp). If that’s something that you like, then maybe you will enjoy this more than I do. Just don’t expect much from the texture.

If you are looking for an über European vibrator, then maybe this is perfect for you. According to the packaging it is made of European silicone, has a European motor, “you’ll love the sleek European design,” and it is assembled in, you guessed it, Europe! And in case you’re wondering, the package was made in… China. I’m not sure what’s up with all this “European” stuff, but if it’s supposed to impress me, it’s not working.

So sadly, I was let down by both of the things that interested me in the first place: the wheel control and the texture. Do I think this is a bad toy? No, I don’t. As a more ‘classic’ style vibrator it’s good; quiet, moderately strong, waterproof, and body safe. But I was expecting, and want, more than just that. I want to like it, but I just don’t find it very exciting. If Evolved were ever to make another rechargeable version of this with a bigger range of speed and more defined texture, I would be elated.

But as it is, “meh” pretty much sums up my feelings about the Bet on Black, and it’s not necessarily something I would recommend. If you’re not as concerned about the range of vibration as I am, maybe you’d have better luck trying something else from Evolved’s Roulette line with a different shape and texture.

You can purchase Evolved’s Bet on Black from LubeZilla


THANK YOU LubeZilla for sending me this product in exchange for my honest review!

  1. but draggy – needs lube! []

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