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I’d been lusting after the Minna Ola for a long time before one showed up at my doorstep a month ago. Everything about it just seemed so perfect. Now that I’ve used it I see that no, it’s not perfect, but nothing really is, right?1 I love the Minna Ola and it is an all-around awesome vibrator. It lets me enjoy two things I’m not usually so keen on: patterns and internal vibration.

A lot of sex toys get labeled “unique” and “innovative” but honestly they’re just… not. Minna’s products definitely do not fall into that category. They’re the real deal. No gimmicks here. What sets Minna’s products apart from other sex toy manufacturers’ is that their toys feature a squeeze control and allow you to make custom vibration patterns. The pillowy pad that you squeeze manipulates the intensity of the vibration. It’s intuitive; the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibration.


You can use the Ola in three different modes. The first is “freeplay” mode, where it depends on you to keep squeezing the pad to make it vibrate. Then there is a “loop” mode, which will replay whatever sequence you create until you squeeze the pad again. And finally, there is the “locked loop” mode for when you really like a pattern you made in loop mode. This last mode will record your pattern and loop over and over again until you go back to freestyle or record a new pattern in the loop mode.

So how does it work, you ask? Well, it’s surprisingly simple. There are two buttons: the smaller, bottom button is the on/off button and the bigger, top button is the loop/lock button. When you turn it on it will pulse up to three times to indicate the battery level (three pulses means a full or nearly full charge).2 It starts out in freeplay so right away you can start messing around with the vibrations by squeezing the pad. If you want to switch to loop mode just press the top button, and it will start blinking to let you know it’s in that mode. Then if you want to switch to locked loop, press the button again, and it will stop blinking and change to a solid light so you know it’s locked. Press it again to go back to freeplay.

And how does it feel? Incredible. The vibrations are rumbly and the vibration goes from fairly weak (if you squeeze lightly) to quite strong (if you squeeze as hard as you can). It’s rigid and made of smooth, seamless, matte silicone (with the exception of the squeeze pad, which is squishy, plush silicone). I love the way the Ola’s silicone feels. It isn’t draggy and I find that I don’t need to use much lube, if any. Oh, yeah, and it isn’t a lint/pet hair magnet! Yes!

The size of the Ola is pretty average at about 1.5 inches at its widest point and just over 7.5 inches long. It’s curved, but not extremely so. For me it feels great on my g-spot since I don’t like intense g-spot stimulation, but I’m guessing it might be a little disappointing in that regard for folks who like more intense stimulation. But it’s not necessarily marketed as a g-spot toy, so maybe don’t expect to be absolutely blown away by the g-spot stimulation it provides.minna2

I’ve made it clear that I’m almost never a fan of vibration patterns, so you may be wondering why I like the Ola so much. Well, with preset patterns I always find myself wishing there wasn’t a clear break between pulses, or that the pulses were longer, or stronger, or whatever. They almost work, but not quite. With the Ola I can tailor-make patterns that do work for me. I like to use other vibrators’ patterns as inspiration and tweak it to whatever pleases me. You can even set it to a steady vibration by squeezing the pad with one hand and pressing the “loop/lock” button with the other hand. I wish that there was an easier way to have steady vibrations, but at least it is possible.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, the Ola can be an incredibly fun toy to use with a partner. Liam and I are obviously comfortable using sex toys with (and without) each other, but we understand that a lot of people in relationships have hang-ups when it comes to using sex toys. The Ola provides an opportunity to make the experience interactive and include your partner. Hand it over to them and let them create a pattern for you, or let them control it in freeplay mode. Even if this isn’t an issue in your relationship(s), it’s an easy and fun way to incorporate sex toys into your sexytime and perhaps make things a little more exciting for both partners.

I appreciate that the Ola is rechargeable. I especially appreciate it because it is USB rechargeable, which I find so much more convenient than plugging it into the wall (and finding a spot to plug it in..). It uses a magnetic charger and I was delighted to see that it works much better than the We-Vibe Salsa’s magnetic charger. The placement of the magnet is a little strange, but I haven’t had any issues with it so far.

minnaboxOkay, so, I’m pretty infatuated with the Ola. But as I said, it isn’t perfect. Here are the things I’m not so crazy about:

  • One small complaint is that the buttons can be a little difficult to press. Well, at least when it’s inside of me and it’s harder to reach and everything.
  • It’s a shame that you can’t save patterns. I would love to be able to store the patterns I like the most, because typically what happens is I make a good one and the next time I use it I can’t replicate it. Damn.
  • I don’t like that it only comes in pink and purple. I am not very fond of those colors in general, but I must admit I do like how both colors look for the Ola. Fortunately, I think Minna has figured out that we want more color options, with the Limon available in a teal color that I just need in my life, and their new kGoal looks like it will be available in my favorite colors, orange and blue! Thanks, Minna.

I am sad that the Ola isn’t strong enough for me to use as an external vibe, too. It’s alllmost strong enough but no matter how much I want to, I simply can’t get off that way. However, it is rumbly and quite strong, and I don’t doubt that many people would find the Ola satisfying to use as a clit vibe but for a power queen like me it’s not enough.

Shit’s expensive. Like, $150 expensive. I was lucky enough to get my Ola from the wonderful folks at Minna in exchange for this review, but if I didn’t have that opportunity available to me, I wouldn’t have one right now. I’m a “poor” college student and at this point in my life I can hardly afford to spend $150 on groceries, so I’m definitely not about to spend that much on a sex toy. Don’t get me wrong, I really, really love the Minna Ola, but I’m just not sure it’s worth that much. To put this in perspective, I feel that way about the majority of ‘luxury’ toys – once it gets over $100 I question whether or not it should be that expensive. I might feel like the price is more justified if it saved patterns and was strong enough for me to use as an external vibe too. But of course what may be expensive to me might be a totally reasonable price to other people. Your opinion of the price would also probably depend on how much you like the Ola’s features. I would obviously recommend this to anyone who loves vibration patterns. I would even recommend it to people like me who might be interested in patterns if only they were a little bit different. But if you’re not excited about the custom pattern aspect of the Ola, and you just want a strong vibrator, there are honestly cheaper options out there for you.

Now that I’ve gotten the few cons out of the way, let me remind you why I love the Minna Ola. It is what I expect from a luxury sex toy. Good design, quality silicone, sleek and seamless, easy to use, strong vibration with more than one speed, fully waterproof, decently quiet, rechargeable with a long battery life (and it tells you how much life is left when you turn it on!), comes with a nice little storage pouch that fits the toy and its charger, and even the packaging is cool.

You can buy the Minna Ola directly from Minna, or you can find it at BabelandShe BopSheVibe, and Vibrant (where it’s 45% off using the code VIP45!).

THANK YOU Minna for sending me this product in exchange for my honest review!

  1. Except Benedict Cumberbatch. []
  2. This is genius. I wish all vibrators had this. []

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