Vibratex Mini Magic Wand

It was my intention to have at least a couple of reviews up by now, since my last post…
…But our computer crashed and it was a mess trying to get it up and running again (luckily we had all of our important files on an external hard drive). In the meantime, I was busy trying out some new toys, including the Vibratex Mini Magic Wand, sent to me by the wonderful folks at SheVibe in exchange for an honest review!

The Mini Magic Wand is the first wand style vibrator I’ve used, and I was very excited to try it especially since I’ve heard such great things about the (bigger) Vibratex Mystic Wand.1 Sadly, I’m just not wowed by the Mini Magic Wand. However! This is a case where I feel like the reason it doesn’t work for me is just because I have a picky clit, not because it’s a poorly designed toy. I really want to like it but it just doesn’t make me orgasm and in the words of Liz Lemon: that’s a dealbreaker!

This wand isn’t the strongest vibrator out there, but it definitely has some decently strong vibrations. It is kind of a mix between buzzy/surface level vibration and rumbly/deep vibration — in a good way. Unfortunately it’s just not strong enough for me personally. I find that it feels really great at first, strength-wise, VMMW3before it sort of fizzles out. The first time I tried it I thought that maybe this was happening because I’m used to the super strong We-Vibe Salsa, but even after abstaining from my beloved Salsa for a while I had the same problem with the Mini Magic Wand. I would say its power is pretty comparable to the LELO Mia except the Mia has the ability to be stronger, plus the Mia provides pinpoint stimulation whereas the Mini Magic Wand’s bigger head provides broader stimulation (pinpoint stimulation works better for me).

In addition to having three steady vibration settings, it also has three patterns. The first is short/long pulses, the second is escalating pulses, and the third is escalating with short pulses in between. Most vibrators’ patterns aren’t my favorite thing ever, but when I do use them I like to use them to build up anticipation and then switch back to a strong steady vibration to make myself orgasm. The first and third patterns of the Mini Magic Wand are great at teasing me and I like them more than the patterns of most other vibrators I have, but when I switch back to the highest setting I end up feeling disappointed because it goes nowhere for me. I would also like to point out that the second and third patterns are kind of unique – I’ve never seen them with other vibrators – so I appreciate that.

AsVMMW2 far as design and functions go, I’m pleased with the Mini Magic Wand. It’s 6 inches long and the head is 1.25 inches in diameter.2 It is lightweight and made of silky silicone and ABS plastic, two body-safe materials. Before I move on, a quick word about the head of this thing: the crevices (I don’t really know what to call them) can be a bit of a pain to clean, but it can be done and due to the fact that it is silicone (which is nonporous) it is able to be completely sanitized. It has one button that you press to cycle through the low/med/high power settings and the three patterns before it turns off. Pressing the button for a couple seconds also turns it off. I wish it had a memory function, so it would start on the same setting you had it on when you last turned it off, but oh well.

I enjoy how flexible the neck is because I usually like applying some pressure on my clit, and the way it bends makes it comfortable to do this. The vibrations are not dulled when you apply pressure, like can happen with some vibrators, but instead it makes the feeling more intense like it should.

The Mini Magic Wand runs on two AAA batteries. The battery compartment can be found by twisting off the cap at the bottom. I prefer rechargeable toys because they tend to be stronger, not to mention batteries can be annoying and wasteful. They do make a USB rechargeable version of this, but I haven’t tried it so I can’t comment on how powerful that one is.

Three additional pros I need to point out:
VMMW41)      I wouldn’t call this wand ‘whisper quiet’ or anything like that, but is isn’t very loud. If you’re using it under the covers or under a blanket you can hardly hear it even on the highest setting.
2)      It’s totally waterproof. Yes, you can use this in the bath/shower. Hooray!
3)      The mini-ness makes it good for traveling with. It doesn’t have a lock function, per se, but as long as you leave the batteries out you won’t need to worry about it turning on in your bag.3

Even though I’m a little sad that it doesn’t quite work for me, I know that not everyone needs as strong of vibration to get off as I do, so I have hope that it would be a satisfying toy for others. Just because I’m giving it a somewhat negative review doesn’t mean that it’s a bad toy! I don’t want to discourage everyone from buying this. But maybe try the bigger version of this, the Vibratex Mystic Wand, if you know you’re someone who needs a lot of power in a vibrator. Otherwise, I feel like a lot of people would be happy with the Mini. And at under $50, I think it’s a good deal!

You can purchase your very own Mini Magic Wand from SheVibe!

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THANK YOU SheVibe for sending me this toy in exchange for my honest review!

  1. Why did they call this the Mini Magic Wand instead of the Mini Mystic Wand? It’s literally just a smaller version of the Mystic Wand. Truly a mystery. []
  2. This means it is too small for any accessories/attachments to fit on it. ETA: except for this. []
  3. I guess there are some benefits to using batteries! []

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