Tenga Iroha Mini

Tenga is most known for their toys that are made for penises (like the Flip Hole and Eggs) but recently they have started making toys marketed to those of us with vulvae. First they came out with the Tenga Iroha line which consisted of three vibrators and now they have added the Tenga Iroha Mini. I had read positive reviews of the Iroha vibes so I was intrigued by the Iroha Mini, which is more affordable.

Everything about the Tenga Iroha Mini is aesthetically pleasing. The packaging is nice, the toy itself is super cute and comes in fun colors, and even the video that Tenga made for it is fucking adorable. But that’s where the pleasure stops. If I could orgasm just by looking at things then this would be a wonderful A++ review, but that’s just not how it works (thankfully, that could get real awkward). I need deep, rumbly vibration that the Iroha Mini just doesn’t provide.

The design, in terms of shape, is actually quite smart. First of all, it is indeed “mini” at about 2 inches wide, 2 inches from the bottom to the tip, and about an inch thick. It can be used for pinpoint clitoral stimulation with the tip or broader stimulation if you hold it on its side. On its side, the curve of it works well with the curve of your body and fits comfortably between the labia. But in use it isn’t exactly effective when used either of those ways.

Here’s how it actually goes down:  You turn it on and think “hmm, this sounds buzzy but it sure feels strong in my hand! Let’s give this a go!” Then you press it against your clitoris and feel nothing. You press a little harder and somehow feel even less. Then you think “okay, maybe I’ll turn it up!” But when you press the button again it turns off. There is only one speed. And that one speed sucks.

Now that I’ve got some complaining out of my system, here are some other positive things about the Iroha Mini, aside from the design and cuteness:
-It is 100% waterproof, a.k.a. submersible
-It is very easy to use, with one button on the side to turn it on and off
-It lasts up to 5 hours on one battery (Or so they claim; gonna be honest, I won’t be using this one enough to find out)
-They provide you with one AAA battery. tenga iroha mini 3How kind
-It’s made of elastomer1 and ABS plastic which means it is free of phthalates (however, elastomer is porous and therefore cannot be 100% disinfected). It feels really smooth and soft to the touch
-It’s seriously fun to wobble back and forth (Disclaimer: It does not wobble as long as the video shows. It cannot be used as a metronome.)

tenga iroha mini 7Basically, the Iroha Mini has a lot going for it. But where it fails is the most important feature of all: vibration. It is almost just a smaller version of the Iroha Midori (similar shape) so maybe that’s a better option. As I already mentioned, I have read positive reviews of the Iroha vibes and specifically the Midori. From what I’ve read it seems to have decently strong vibrations as well as more speeds. But I really like a lot of aspects of the Iroha Mini, such as the size and colors, so I would like to see an improved version of it. I know a lot of smaller vibes often can’t provide the strength of vibration that bigger ones can, but there are definitely strong ones out there (hello, We-Vibe Tango), so it is possible!

You can find the Tenga Iroha Mini at Babeland, Good VibesSheVibeSheBop, and Vibrant.

  1. I think the elastomer is only on the on/off button, because that part is squishy instead of hard, but I am not 100% sure about that. []

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  • I won one of these. Haven’t gotten it yet. I didn’t expect it to have much power but I had no idea it was elastomer. That’s troublesome. I don’t do porous materials.

    • Bex

      Yeah, I’m not really sure why they chose to use elastomer.. I thought about it more after reading your comment though and I realized it might just be on the on/off button, so I made a note about that in the post. The button is soft and squishy but the rest of it is hard and feels like other ABS plastic toys I have. I’m going to try to email them to see if that’s the case or not.

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