Tantus Ripple (small)

Before I get to the actual review, there are two things you need to know about me. 1) I am not a total n00b to anal play, but I kind of am when it comes to toys for anal play. 2) I often have trouble with any kind of penetration. I usually need a lot of warm up. For these reasons, I chose to buy the small version of the Tantus Ripple instead of the large. I am glad I made that choice because for me, this is a great size. It is 5 inches long (4.5 inches insertable) and the tip is about the size of a finger (half an inch), something I’m very used to and comfortable with, and it works its way up to an inch in diameter at the largest…I’m not really sure what to call it, so I’ll go with “bead.”

trThe only anal toy I had tried before this one was a pretty basic plug, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from the Ripple. Tantus describes the Ripple as a plug, but I feel like it is actually more of a probe. The difference being, a plug is meant to stay in place and a probe is not, as their names imply. A probe is more like a dildo, except for your butt (anal toys always need flared bases!!). If the Ripple is not somehow being held in place it will slide out, since the space between the last bead and the base isn’t skinny enough for your ass to hold on to. Besides, the base is round and wouldn’t be comfortable hanging out (pun intended) between your butt cheeks all day.  I find the Ripple more exciting than plugs because I really enjoy the feeling that comes with gently thrusting the beads in and out. But if your preference is a standard kind of plug that you can wear for longer periods of time, Tantus makes some, like the RyderNeo, and Perfect Plug.

The Ripple is made of soft, squishy, and very flexible silicone. This is my favorite thing about it because it makes it an especially comfortable toy to use. I like my Doc Johnson Mood Naughty plug but I much prefer the Ripple’s soft and flexible silicone to the firmer silicone of the Mood Naughty plug (come on, you can even tell by the names which one is going to be better). However, I could imagine the flexibility of it making it harder to use on yourself; I wouldn’t know about this because I prefer having my partner use it on me. One downside to this silicone I’ve noticed is that it loves lint/pet hair/etc. more than most other silicone toys I own. But, I can deal with that because it is such an amazing toy otherwise. I also want to point out another benefit of it being silicone: it is possible to completely sanitize it, which is so important when using anal toys (I feel like the reasons for this are quite obvious so I’m not explaining it).

The small Ripple is an excellent choice for beginners to anal play or people who prefer smaller anal toys, but for anyone looking for a bigger toy I would recommend the large Ripple. I should also mention that even though the small is harness compatible, I suspect that it may be too small/short to use that way, but the large is nearly seven inches long and could have more potential.

I purchased my Ripple from Tantus’ Grab Bag. The Grab Bag is awesome because you can get high-quality silicone toys for cheap, the only caveat being you don’t get to choose the color (and knowing Tantus, it’s highly likely you’ll get something interesting, a.k.a. not just pink). At $26.99 it isn’t much more expensive than other toys made out of questionable or unsafe materials. Thanks to Tantus you have no excuse to not get body-safe toys! I think the surprise aspect of the Grab Bag is kind of fun but if you don’t want to live life on the edge and would prefer to know what color you will get, you can do that too.

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  • Glad you liked this one. I LOVE my DJ Mood Naughty Med. Plug!

  • Pantophile Panic

    I am SO jealous of that sexy Grab Bag red your Ripple Small came in. I can’t wait to see what you write about next.

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