LELO Mia, a.k.a. The Beginning

For my first review, I’d like to start where it all began: with the LELO Mia. Mia was my first sex toy and is still one of my favorites. In fact, it was the favorite until I recently got a We-Vibe Salsa.

A little over a year ago Liam and I started talking about getting some kind of sex toy. First it was kind of a joke, but the more we talked about it the more appealing the idea became. At first I didn’t really see the point; we weren’t having boring sex or anything, and I already enjoyed masturbating, so why would we get one? But then I realized sex toys didn’t have to be about making up for something, but making something good even better.

So, the Great Sex Toy Search of 2012 began. Dildos seemed too boring. I wanted something that vibrated. But, something small. Anything meant to actually go into my vagina seemed too intimidating. Bullets just didn’t feel like the right choice to me either. Then I found Mia. Mia seemed like the perfect choice: a sleek and shiny clitoral vibrator, made of safe plastic, USB rechargeable (exciting!), and it carried the LELO name – which after all of my meticulous research I knew was a reliable, high-quality brand.

Before I get any further, I should point out that I have the original Mia, but there is now a Mia 2 available which has some improvements. I’m a college student, so as you might imagine the lower price of the original was appealing. Once I made my purchase I rather anxiously awaited it’s arrival. It came to me in a sturdy black box that said “LELO” in silver. Inside was the Mia, an instructions manual, a sample of LELO lube, and a silky black storage pouch. It truly felt luxurious.

The Mia is made of body-safe and hygienic ABS plastic, which is smooth and hard. It feels especially nice with a small amount of lubrication, but too much can make it too slick.1 It is small, less than 5 inches long. This makes it best for external stimulation, it is a clitoral vibe after all, but I find it pleasurable for shallow penetration as well. It’s shaped like a lipstick or mascara tube and I definitely consider the design to be discreet. I’m not worried about someone catching a glimpse of it if it’s on my desk or in my purse, but at closer inspection it is obvious that this isn’t lipstick or mascara.

It has many power levels and three patterns, starting from very weak to fairly strong (the patterns only operate on the highest power setting). I’ve heard some people call Mia’s vibrations buzzy, and while that may be true when comparing it to something like the rumbly We-Vibe Salsa, I find it to be very satisfying and a deeper vibration than a lot of other toys. I usually prefer stronger vibrations and, unless I’m just having an off day, I never have trouble reaching orgasm with the Mia. One of the updates that came with the Mia 2 is that it is even more powerful than the original.

The control buttons ( + and – ) are somewhat centrally located and easy to find while using it. They are even made of silicone, making them less slippery and thus, easier to use. However, sometimes just when I’ve gotten the Mia positioned in the right spot (my clit is very picky about this), I’ll have to turn it to get to the controls and start over, which can be frustrating. But the controls are very simple: hold down the + to turn it on/up (keep it held down once it’s on the highest setting to get to the patterns), hold down the – to turn off the patterns or to turn it down/off, and hold down both the + and – to lock or unlock it. That last feature is especially handy when traveling.

Mia is pretty darn quiet. Some of the stronger power settings are a bit loud, but we tested it and it couldn’t be heard through the closed door even on the highest setting. We live in an apartment with a roommate so the low and subtle noise of this toy is one of our favorite things about it.

Mia's USB charger

I’m also kind of in love with the USB charger. I appreciate not having to deal with the mess of cords and remembering what goes with what (and also probably which thing I can unplug from the overcrowded power strip so I can charge it). It charges somewhat quickly and lasts about an hour and a half. How long it lasts depends on what power setting you use; I almost always have it on the higher end. I say “somewhat” because while the charging light is supposed to stop flashing when it’s done, mine doesn’t always do that. So I kind of just guess. Just to be safe I usually just end up charging it after I use it so I’ll know it won’t die next time I use it.

And as much as I love the USB feature, it is where my one problem with this toys lies. Because the material above the silver band is silicone, the cap can be difficult to remove and it starts to pull the silver band apart from the bottom half, thus exposing the wiring. But, I understand that this issue was also fixed with the Mia 2.

As far as “luxury” sex toys go, the Mia is affordable, at about $65  $85. If you are looking for something with some serious power, maybe opt for something more like the We-Vibe Salsa or Tango, but I think that Mia is something that most would find very satisfying.

You can buy the LELO Mia 2 from SheVibe, Lovehoney US (& UK), Babeland, or She Bop!

  1. and speaking of lube, any kind is compatible with this plastic []

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