Woodhull #SFS16 Fundraiser and Giveaway!

woodhull sfs logoIn just a few weeks I will be travelling to Alexandria, VA for the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. I am so excited to be attending the conference this year, and can’t wait to share my new knowledge and experiences with you all. I will definitely be live tweeting during the conference and writing a blog post about it when I get back.

This will be a costly adventure and I was inspired by Sarah from Marvelous Darling to host a giveaway and a fundraiser to help cover some of my expenses. There are a few ways to contribute and any donations no matter how small or large will help!

How to contribute

Generosity fundraiser

I’ve set up a fundraiser with IndieGoGo’s Generosity. Click here to check it out.
You can donate anonymously.

There are some perks in return for donating including shoutouts on Twitter and in my post-Woodhull blog post, handwritten cards, and access to my Snapchat.

Private donation

If you would prefer to donate privately instead of through my fundraiser page, please contact me.

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And now for the more exciting part of this post: the giveaway. shevibe gift cardWe teamed up withour bae SheVibe to provide a $50 gift card for one lucky winner!

The giveaway begins June 14 at midnight (PST) and ends August 1 at midnight. A winner will be selected randomly and contacted by email. If the winner does not respond by email within 48 hours to confirm, a new winner will be selected. Donating will not increase your chances of winning, but donations are still very much appreciated!


#SFS16 Fundraiser $50 SheVibe Gift Card Giveaway!

Fun Factory Bouncer

fun_factory_bouncer_1If you are unfamiliar with the Fun Factory Bouncer, it might look like just a standard silicone dildo with a wavy shape. But, much like Transformers, there is more than meets the eye. The Bouncer is essentially a dildo with kegel balls in it and the three bulges along the shaft hold those balls. When you shake it in your hand you can feel them rattling around, and the idea is that when you thrust it in your other body parts you’ll feel it too. Sadly, this doesn’t really happen when I use it. That’s not necessarily the Bouncer’s fault, though.

If I had to guess, I’d say I probably thrust less than most people when I use dildos. So I can’t say I’m too surprised this feature doesn’t work perfectly for me. Before I tried it for the first time, I expected I would probably feel less fun jigglyness than others would but that I’d at least get some extra pleasure from it. The reality though is that I hardly feel the balls jiggling around in there at all; their movement is too subtle. I think you’d have to thrust pretty damn vigorously to enjoy its full potential. That’s not a theory I want to test because lots of quick thrusting is not something that feels good to my vagina, like, at all. It was also suggested to me to shake the base to get the balls to move, and that works better but it’s not comfortable for me to do that long enough to actually enjoy it. I don’t want to have to work that hard for a good orgasm.

One way the Bouncer pleasantly surprised me is with its shape. It has a slight curve that targets my g-spot well. I’m not a fan of intense g-spot stimulation so the gentle curve paired with the dragginess of the silicone is just right. The silicone is slightly different than the other Fun Factory toys I own. The Bouncer is smoother with more drag to itfun_factory_bouncer_2 compared to the others, like the Miss Bi, which have a softer and more velvety feel.

Fun Factory claims that the Bouncer’s base will stick to smooth surfaces and walls, as if it had a suction cup. I couldn’t get it to stick to my bedroom walls (maybe they are too textured?), and in the shower I had only temporary success before its weight pulled it down. Other than horizontal surfaces like tables and counter tops, the place it stuck best was a window. Sticking to my window is useless because I have zero interest in fucking something on a window. Exhibitionism isn’t really my thing.

There are a couple reasons why I appreciate the base though. One is that it makes it harness compatible. The other is that it makes it safe to put in butts. I prefer smaller or at least tapered toys when it comes to my butt though so I’ve never tried it, but I imagine it would feel pretty rad.

Regarding the price, I personally don’t think the Fun Factory Bouncer is worth it. I enjoy how it feels, but when the thing that’s most unique about it doesn’t factor into my pleasure at all, I don’t think it’s quite deserving of a $100 price tag. If I was someone who likes a lot of thrusting or could tolerate constant jiggling of the base while I use it, then I would feel more comfortable paying that much for it. Either way, I’m happy to see Fun Factory coming out with new and unique toys!

If you’re interested in trying the Bouncer yourself, you can get one directly from Fun Factory or from BabelandEarly to Bed, She Bop, or SheVibe.


THANK YOU Fun Factory for sending me this product in exchange for my honest review!


Picobong Transformer

As a sex toy reviewer, I get pretty excited about unique toys. The PicoBong Transformer caught my attention because it was unlike anything I’d seen and I was interested in its versatility. It’s is a 2′ long, flexible, double-ended vibrator that picobong_transformer_1PicoBong describes as being “millions of sex toys in one,” and is made for solo and/or partnered use. Plus, PicoBong is the sister brand of the luxury brand LELO, creators of the wonderful Mia and Mona 2, so I had high expectations.

But I’ll just cut to the chase and say it: Liam and I were majorly let down by the Transformer when we realized its vibrations are really buzzy, rendering it useless for us in any of the ways it could be creatively used. For being a $130 rechargeable vibrator, we expected it to be more powerful and rumbly. *sad trombone*

We couldn’t think of any ways to use it as a couples toy, other than Liam putting it around his testicles and the shaft of his penis to add some vibration during oral sex. He wasn’t especially impressed by it and just said “eh, it was okay.” PicoBong suggests using it as a cock ring, and hopefully they don’t mean like how we used it because I would not consider that a cock ring. It definitely wouldn’t work during PIV sex because it’s too loose to stay in place.

Liam tried using it during masturbation in a similar way as I just described and was even less impressed with that.  Then he tried putting the ends on the top and underside of his penis which I said looked like he was trying to pick it up with tongs, and he said it kind of felt like it too. Again, no bueno. picobong_transformer_3Finally he sort of wrapped it around his penis like a pretzel and he just laughed and said “nope. I thought maybe if I tried something weird…” Another possibility would be to use it for prostate stimulation, which isn’t something he tried.

I tried using it a couple different ways for clitoral stimulation and neither felt good because of the buzzy vibrations. I tried it as a dual stimulation/”rabbit” vibe and that was more pleasurable but still didn’t do much for me. It can be used for anal and vaginal stimulation but it’s a pain in the ass1 because there’s no way to change the settings when the ends are inside of you… because that’s where the controls are. Let’s talk about that.

So yeah, one end features the PicoBong logo and the other has three buttons: + to turn on/increase power, M for patterns (or modes, I suppose), and – to turn off/decrease power. The controls are easy and intuitive but it’s rather inconvenient that you can’t access them when you’re using the toy in many of the ways you can possibly use it, i.e. both ends are inside of someone. A remote control feature would suit the Transformer well.picobong_transformer_5

Despite our disappointment with the Transformer in use, there are several things we like about it, and these things give us hope for potential improved versions of the Transformer. We love its soft, matte silicone. We also enjoy the fact that it’s USB rechargeable and waterproof.

We also appreciated PicoBong’s marketing of the Transformer. They heavily emphasized its versatility in the sense that it is a toy for individuals and couples of any gender(s). I mean all toys can be marketed that way, so it’s not like it’s as revolutionary as they claim it to be2 and it’s definitely not “the world’s first gender-neutral sex toy,” but when so many other large companies still describe their products as being “for her,” “for him,” etc, it’s nice to see some more inclusive marketing. As a queer person this is important to me and I like seeing companies embracing gender-neutral marketing.

We think the PicoBong Transformer has potential and we love the idea of having a vibrator that can be adjusted to work with your body and your preferences. We’d love to see the Transformer get a much needed vibration upgrade, and hopefully a remote control! Sadly this was a case of the execution not being as good as the idea.


THANK YOU PicoBong for sending us this toy in exchange for our honest review!

  1. pun totally intended []
  2. like, literally they penned a manifesto for the Transformer []

Fun Factory Miss Bi

I am fun factory miss bi 4beyond excited to tell you all about the Fun Factory Miss Bi. It’s a dual stimulation (a.k.a rabbit) vibrator that’s a perfect shape and size for me and is incredibly strong and rumbly.

A problem a lot of people have with dual stimulation vibes is that the clitoral arm never reaches their clitoris, or it just doesn’t line up right. Kind of a big deal. The shaft on the Miss Bi is shorter than most (a little over 3 inches), and the clitoral arm is quite flexible and extends at a reasonable angle and distance which helps to correct those issues for many people (including me).

The Fun Factory Miss Bi is one of the most well designed dual stim vibes I’ve seen. However, it’s not going to work well with everyone’s anatomy, because when it’s a one-size-fits-all type of thing that’s unfortunately bound to happen.

So let’s talk about the clitoral arm.

The clitoral arm is broad and thick, unlike the literal rabbit style arm that many dual stim vibrators have. I would describe its vibration as being more buzzy than rumbly but it’s not buzzy in a way that’s annoying or uncomfortable to me. fun factory miss bi 2It helps that the rumbly vibrations of the shaft carry into the arm, making it feel stronger.

Usually I want more pressure on my clitoris than the clitoral arm on the Miss Bi can provide, but thanks to the loop in the handle and flexibility of the arm it’s not difficult or uncomfortable for me to hold it down with my thumb.1 Since I sometimes struggle with inserting toys vaginally, I was afraid the arm wouldn’t reach while I warm myself up with some shallow penetration. But I was wrong. I can position it in a way so that I can still enjoy the dual stim while I do that. I have to hold the arm down more when I do it, but like I said, the design of the toy makes it comfortable for me to do that.

Is the clitoral arm strong enough to get me to orgasm? No. But that’s okay with me, for reasons I’ll get to once I’ve described the goodness that is the shaft…

What’s so great about the shaft?

The shaft is short but it’s designed for g-spot stimulation so it’s length is perect for that. The shortness also makes it easier for the clitoral arm to reach your clit like it’s supposed to.2 The curved tip targets my g-spot nicely but it isn’t too intense of a sensation since the shaft is also somewhat flexible and a bit squishy.

It isn’t an especially girthy toy, with the widest point measuring about 1.5 inches. The smaller tip allows for easier insertion and the wider bulge toward the clitoral arm provides a nice filling sensation (and stimulates the sensitive outer third of the vagina). There are ridges along the sides but since the silicone isn’t firm, they don’t feel rigid and bothersome. fun factory miss bi 6In fact, my vagina hardly feels them at all.

The shaft produces deep, rumbly vibration. Typically I prefer gentle internal vibration so I was surprised by how much I liked this even it’s highest vibration strength.

But let’s get back to that orgasm thing. Being the power queen that I am, I don’t find the clitoral arm to be orgasm inducing. I can forgive the Miss Bi for this though because the shaft is strong enough for me to easily orgasm when using it on my clit. I like enjoying the dual stimulation for a while, then I switch to just clitoral stimulation with the shaft to finish. I don’t mind not having internal/g-spot stimulation when I orgasm and sometimes I actually prefer not having it, so this works for me.

And what are the controls like?

The shaft and clitoral arm each have motors that operate independently. The controls for them are easy and intuitive, with the button for the shaft being represented with a larger circle and the clitoral arm with a smaller circle. Pressing the ‘FUN’ button at the top turns them both on/off, and the shaft or clitoral arm can be turned off by holding down the corresponding button for a couple seconds. Quickly pressing the circle buttons allows you fun factory miss bi 1to cycle through the vibration settings, which include 3 steady vibration strengths and 3 patterns each.

Does it have any other cool features?

Hell yes it does!

First of all, the Miss Bi has the same loop handle as some of Fun Factory’s other vibrators like the Tiger and Big Boss. Like I mentioned above, I really enjoy that feature because it makes it easier and more comfortable for me to use. But wait, there’s more:

  • It has a simple travel lock function which is always appreciated.
  • The quick stop feature allows you to turn it off instantly with the click of a button.
  • The silicone is soft and it doesn’t attract too much lint or pet hair.
  • It’s fully waterproof.
  • It uses the same magnetic “click n’ charge” system that other Fun Factory toys have and is USB rechargeable.
  • It can be used anally thanks to the clitoral arm which stops your butt from devouring the whole toy like the glutton that it is.

The Fun Factory Miss Bi feels amazing and works for me anatomically, it has tons of great features, and I love it’s versatility (ie I can use it as a dual stim or just an external vibe). I love that Fun Factory was able to create a toy that solves so many issues that other dual stimulation vibrators have. I want to reiterate that this will not work for everyone, because that is the nature of dual stim vibes, but if you are wanting to try one out I think this is probably your best bet!

You can find the Fun Factory Miss Bi at SheVibe.

SheVibe banner

THANK YOU SheVibe for sending me this toy in exchange for my honest review!

  1. And I don’t find that doing so dampens the vibration []
  2. Without the shaft bumping into your cervix, even! []

Holiday Gift Guide

Well folks, it’s that time of the year: time to make last minute gift purchases! Some of you may be thinking about getting sex toys and such for some special people on your lists, so we put together a gift guide to help you out.

Here are some sites we will be linking to and their shipping information and deals:

Babeland: Get free 2-day shipping on orders $99+ and click here for shipping deadlines. Get 15% off for subscribing to their newsletter, or 15% off sex toys using code “SUGARPLUM”.

Fleshlight: Get free shipping and free gifts on orders $100+. Right now they are offering 15% off sitewide and 20% off all Fleshlight products.

Lovehoney: This is a great place to buy gifts since they have, like, the best return policy. Return anything, for any reason, for up to a year after it’s purchased (read more about that here). Get free shipping on $40+ and don’t forget to check out their current special offers.

SheVibe: Get free shipping on orders $75+. Their current sales (until 12/22) include 15% off Dorcel and Pleasure Works as well as 10% off ID lubes.

Sliquid: They make our favorite lubes ever. We like Sliquid Sassy the most but really we’d recommend trying any of them! Get 10% off using the code “vivalasexy”. Free shipping on U.S. orders $60+ and a free gift on orders $30+.

Stockroom: This is the best place to get gifts for your kinky friends and partners! Free shipping on orders $160+. Find some deals (up to 50% off!) in their Sexmas Sale (they have a whole section of gifts under $50).

Tantus: Hands down one of our favorite sex toy makers! They have so many ways to save including their current sale: 15% off $50+ (use code BELL15), 20% off $100+ (BELL20) and 25% off $150+ (BELL25). Don’t miss their sale page and the Grab Bag where you can find many Tantus toys with huge discounts.

And as a gift to us, since some of our links are affiliate links, please clear your cache and enable cookies before clicking so we can enjoy the commission! Thanks!

For people who like porn

These suggestions would work best as a gift for your partner(s) because you’ll have to create an account to access them. Here are five of our favorite sites:

Crash Pad is a seriously rad queer porn site. crashpad_bannerThey work with a really diverse group of people who you can check out here. Sign up for a month, 3 months, or a year and get access to over 200 episodes, behind the scenes interviews, and more.

Pink Label is a feminist porn video-on-demand site with films from lots of different studios. Watch Courtney Trouble’s awesome porn (Girl Pile, Trans Lesbians, Fucking Mystic, etc), FTM Fucker, Heavenly Spire, Crash Pad Series, and more. Many of the films here are Feminist Porn Awards winners!

QueerPornTV, as you may have guessed, is… a queer porn site, too! Here you can find more porn made by Courtney Trouble, like this scene with Chelsea Poe and Bailey Jay, and films, including Girl Pile, which I mentioned above.

TRENCHCOATx is “curated smut” brought to you by Stoya and Kayden Kross. The site has an a la carte format so you could curate your own collection for someone!

Burning Angel is owned by Joanna Angel, which should be a good enoughburning_angel reason to be interested because she’s amazing, but if you need more convincing go check out all the sexy tattooed lovelies on the site.

For people who like to read

One of my favorite gifts to give and get are books! Here are my top suggestions from this year:

Coming Out Like a Porn Star: edited by and featuring Jiz Lee, with stories from Joanna Angel, Stoya, Courtney Trouble, Nina Hartley, Kitty Stryker, Chelsea Poe, Conner Habib, and many more.

Come as You Are: by Emily Nagoski, PhD,come_as_you_are_coming_out_porn_star a scientific exploration of women’s sexuality. It is deeply satisfying to the human sexuality/science/psych nerd in me.

Best Sex Writing 2015: featuring tons of wonderful people including Stoya, Jiz Lee, Tina Horn, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Lauren Marie Fleming, and Epiphora!

Dirty Dates: a kinky new erotica anthology edited by my fave Rachel Kramer Bussel.

Oh Joy Sex Toy, volume 1 & volume 2: Each volume collects a year’s worth of content from the very popular comic Oh Joy Sex Toy.

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: by Jes Baker, aka The Militant Baker is all about body-positivity!

Oh, and don’t forget about Kindle editions and audiobooks.

For couples

How about some massage oils or candles? I’m obsessed with the Kama Sutra massage candles which you can read about here.

Lingerie can be a great gift, which Lovehoney has lots of. OR if you get this “body bowyou can be the present *wink wink nudge nudge*!

Liam’s top suggestion for a couples gift is a vibrating cock ring, like the Tantus Vibrating Super Soft C-Ring, which you can get directly from Tantus, or from SheVibe.

The Liberator Wedge is always a good choice, a favorite of many. Even Aziz Ansari’s character Dev got one from Babeland for his girlfriend in Master of None (which is a seriously great show and you should watch it!!). So yes, Babeland carries them, and so does SheVibe.gift_sets

Gift sets make pretty sweet gifts too:

The Kama Sutra Getaway Kit features body lotion, lube, a candle, and more. Find it at SheVibe.

The LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set includes LELO Luna Beads Noir, Sensua Suede Whip, and Theresa Silk Cuffs. Find it at SheVibe.

The We-Vibe Passionate Play Collection, which we just bought and are very excited about, comes with a We-Vibe 4 Plus (it can be controlled with a phone app! Fancy!) and a Tango. SheVibe, Babeland, and Lovehoney have it.

For people with penises

Tenga Eggs are fun! They’re stretchy masturbation sleeves that come in a variety of textures. They are made to be single-use toys but as long as you give them a gentle cleaning after using them you can use them several times. One year we bought a 6-pack “carton” of them and gave them to friends as Christmas gifts. Find them at Babeland  Lovehoney, and SheVibe.tenga_egg_tantus_ring

The Tantus Super Soft C-Ring is another excellent choice for only $10. It’s especially good for people new to cock rings. Get it directly from Tantus or from Lovehoney or SheVibe.

Fleshlight has a new toy called the Quickshot which is just $35. We just bought one during their Black Friday sale, so we don’t have a review yet but if you’re curious about it you should head over to The Big Gay Review and read what he has to say about it (it’s what convinced me to buy one!). Buy it directly from Fleshlight or get it from Bableland or Lovehoney.

And you can’t forget about the other original style of Fleshlights. Liam loves his Stoya Fleshlight (read his review here) and suggests checking out their Fleshlight Girls line. fleshlight_quickshot_stoyaIt could be fun to give your gift recipient a Fleshlight replica of their favorite porn star’s vulva right? Check out Fleshlight’s site to see what they’ve got, or look at Babeland, Lovehoney, SheVibe, or Stockroom.

For people who like vibrators

Well an obvious choice here is the LELO Inez Stainless Steel Vibrator… just kidding, it’s about $8,000!

Seriously though, you should consider the We-Vibe Tango, an incredibly rumbly and satisfying little clitoral vibe that pretty much everyone, including me, loves. It’s nearly perfect. Get it. That is all. You can get one (or two, or three) from Babeland, Lovehoney, or SheVibe.

The LELO Mona 2wevibe_tango_lelo_mona is another universally adored vibrator known for it’s strong, rumbly vibration and great shape. It feels great internally and externally so it’s versatility makes it a great gift choice. Find it at Babeland (psst, it’s $30 cheaper here), SheVibe, and Stockroom.

The toy I’ve wanted to try the most this year but sadly haven’t yet is the L’amourose Rosa. I’ve read so many enticing reviews about it and let’s face it, the emerald color is super cool. You can buy one from Lovehoney or SheVibe.

Somehow I don’t own one of these yet either, but I’ve heard the Magic Wand Rechargeable is as amazing as you’d expect. You can purchase one from Babeland, LovehoneySheVibe, or Tantus.lamourose_rosa_fun_factory_miss_bi

The Womanizer, a unique new vibrator with a ridiculously bad name, has received a lot of praise and piqued my interest this year. Maybe there is a person in your life whose clitoris would enjoy this toy? Find it at BabelandLovehoney, or SheVibe.

This list would be incomplete without my favorite vibrator I tried this year: the Fun Factory Miss Bi! Since it’s a dual stim vibrator it might not work for everyone’s anatomy so keep that in mind. You can find it at Babeland or SheVibe.

For people who like dildos

Handmade gifts are always nice, but I don’t suggest going that route if you want to give someone a sex toy… The next best thing is getting them custom toys! Try Exotic-Erotics (read about our Phoenix here) or Bad Dragon for made-to-order fantasy dildos.tantus_cush_vixskin_mustang

Tantus Flurry and Cush are dual density toys that are as pretty as they are squishy. They’re just awesome and you should have one okay? Get the Flurry from Tantus or SheVibe, and the Cush at Tantus or SheVibe.

Tantus also recently released their first vibrating dual density toy: Alan.Get it directly from Tantus or from SheVibe (psst, without discounts it’s $35 dollars cheaper here).

Another toy on my own wishlist is the Vixen Vixskin Mustang. Find it at Babeland (they even have a limited edition Babeland one), Lovehoney, and SheVibe (and in tie-bright).

The Fun Factory Bouncer is a new and unique dildo, and would keep your gift recipient guessing if they tried shaking the present to see what it was… this dildo has jiggly balls in the shaft! You can buy one at Babeland, Lovehoney, or SheVibe.

For people who are into butt stuff

Babeland sells the Fun Factory Bootie Plug with our favorite lube, Sliquid Sassy, for just $40! We haven’t tried the Bootie ourselves but others adore it.

I’ve heard the new LELO Hugo and Bruno are divine for prostate stimulation. These toys are almost exactly the same, but the Hugo comes with a remote control. Find the Hugo at Babeland, tantus_plug_lelo_hugoLovehoney, and SheVibe, and the Bruno at Babeland, Lovehoney, and Shevibe as well.

The Tantus Perfect Plug and Perfect Plug Plus are great for beginners or people who prefer small plugs. The Perfect Plug Plus is a little larger and vibrates. Get the Perfect Plug directly from Tantus or from SheVibe. You can get the Perfect Plug Plus directly from Tantus, or find it at Lovehoney or SheVibe. If you can’t decide which one to get, then just get the Perfect Plug Kit, from Tantus or SheVibe.

The Tantus Meteorite is one of the most colorful butt toys around and is also perfect for beginners or people who prefer small plugs. Get it from Tantus.

Don’t forget the LUBE!

I think lube is like the sexy equivalent of giving someone socks. Everyone could use some and it’s not very expensive. In our opinion, the best lubes are vegan sliquid_sassy_sizzle_swirland paraben- and glycerin- free. Here are a couple that fit those criteria:

We very highly recommend Sliquid, especially Sassy which is our go-to and is perfect for butt stuff. They also make a few variations of Swirl, which is flavored. Sizzle, a warming lube, is fun too. Get some Sliquid at Babeland, LovehoneySheVibe, Stockroom, or Tantus. Or, buy it directly from Sliquid (where you can use the code “vivalasexy” to get 10% off!).

Good Clean Love is another lube we love. It feels great and it’s organic. Get the unscented kind or try cinnamon vanilla. You can buy it at SheVibe.