Fun Factory Big Boss G5

The Fun Factory Big Boss G5 took a little trip to Egypt before it finally arrived at my doorstep. I was getting impatient waiting for it; I was so stoked to try it after I experienced how amazing and powerful the Fun Factory Miss Bi is. I’m happy to report it was well worth the wait.

fun factory big boss 1At 1.8 inches in diameter, the name “Big Boss” is appropriate. I tend to prefer smaller toys, but lately I’ve been wanting to challenge myself a little. The Big Boss certainly is a challenge for me, and it’s a rewarding one.

The vibration is deep and rumbly and the squishy silicone makes the girth of the toy more comfortable. The head isn’t anything especially unique or intense but I appreciate that it’s a bit more subtle because the girth paired with intense stimulation of my g-spot would be really uncomfortable. I like the way it makes me feel some pressure against it but I don’t feel like my g-spot is being poked. I also enjoy that it’s rather flexible because girth plus stiffness would be uncomfortable too.

Like most Fun Factory toys, the silicone has that soft and slightly “dusty” texture, and requires a lot of lube. And since it’s so big I need even more lube. Lots of lube. I don’t like to thrust my toys much in general, but especially not when they are this big. I prefer to just enjoy the vibration and sensation of fullness. This works out well when it comes to lube conservation efforts because I would need a hell of a lot more to make a bunch of thrusting feel good.

Like the Fun Factory Miss Bi, the Big Boss’ vibrations are impressively strong and rumbly. It’s strong enough for me to use it effectively for clitoral stimulation too, and coming from me that’s saying a lot. It’s not my fave for this but it’ll do if it’s conveniently close or other toys I’d usually use are dead.

The fun factory big boss 2controls are easy to use and simple to figure out. Press and hold the ‘FUN’ button to turn it on and click it to turn it off quickly. There are six speeds and six patterns, three of which are pulsing patterns. The + and – buttons control the speed and once it’s on the highest speed the + switches through the patterns.

The Big Boss uses the “click n charge” magnetic USB charger that Fun Factory uses for most of their toys. This is really convenient if you have more than one Fun Factory toy that uses that charger because when your cats destroy one, you already have a backup charger!

If you’re a fan of girthier than average toys or want to try something a little bigger, I highly recommend the Fun Factory Big Boss G5. It’s body-safe, strong, waterproof, USB rechargeable, easy to use; I don’t think it get’s much better than this!

You can find it at SheVibe in fantastic fluorescent pink like mine, black, or a light nude color.

shevibe logo banner

THANK YOU SheVibe for sending me this toy in exchange for my honest review!

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2016

Since I got back from my trip to the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit a few weeks ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about what to say in my post-conference post. Of course I thought of all the important things I learned and discussed in the sessions, and about spending time with Blog Squad, but I realized the most important thing I took away from it was more like a feeling. And I wasn’t sure how to describe it.shevibe_blog_squad_woodhull

But one word kept coming to mind: validation.

It was validating to spend time with other like-minded people.

It was validating to share and discuss some of the things we struggle with, as well as the things we enjoy.

It was validating to reaffirm the importance of the work that sex educators and counselors and bloggers do.

It was even validating to travel alone and overcome my anxiety.

So I want this post to reflect that rather than focus on the specific details of the sessions. Honestly there were several sessions I wanted to go to but missed because I wasn’t feeling well, so unfortunately I can’t discuss them in-depth anyway. But thanks to the power of Blog Squad I was able to get recaps in the form of tweets! You can check them out too via Storify:
– Woodhull #SFS16 Highlights by Hedonish
– #SFS16 Highlights by Epiphora
– The Importance of Being a Trauma Informed Sexuality Professional panel with Ashley Manta
– Facing the Monster Under the Bed panel1 with JoEllen Notte and Stephen Biggs
Embodied Consent & the Cultural Lie of Desirability panel with Elle Chase and Jaclyn Friedman
Navigating Social Media Practices for Adult Businesses panel with Metis Black, Sandra Bruce, and JoEllen Notte
& I will add more soon!

So I usually struggle with social anxiety, and apparently so does a lot of Blog Squad, as we all declared preemptively before the conference…  But I felt like everyone was so supportive and understanding and excellent at checking in with others and expressing their own needs, which made being around so many new people so much less anxiety-inducing. Basically Blog Squad is made up of the smartest, kindest, funniest humans ever.

The Woodhull folks and others involved with the conference were very supportive of bloggers as well which was very much appreciated by all of us. Tantus set up the Blogger Lounge again where we could hang out and grab some coffee or tea, and SheVibe hosted an amazing Blogger PJ Party. I also got to meet some people I’ve been working with and who have supported our blog since nearly the beginning like Sandra from SheVibe and Krista from Lovehoney, and both of them are as wonderful and sweet as I imagined they’d be.

Some other highlights include meeting Buck Angel, seeing Funkit Toys and hearing about Kenton‘s creative process, poetry at the Blogger PJ Party (psst you must read Girl on the Net’s poem!!), Lunabelle‘s impressive dildo gallery (and bringing home a couple of her “misfit toys”), seeing Lilly‘s jar of melted jelly toys in person, Crista Anne‘s and Ericka Hart‘s inspiring performances at Bedpost Confessions, all the late night hangouts with friends, and even the TSA agent’s excitement about all the sex toys in my bag that she had to check.

This post is shorter than I expected it to be based on the fact that I have so many feelings about my experience at Woodhull. At first this disappointed me, but then I realized a lot of those feelings don’t belong here and instead will be channeled into future posts and other projects.

The whole experience was incredibly empowering and, like I said, validating. Being around these folks was invigorating in the sense that it’s encouraged me to really step things up here and stay more committed to blogging. And to branch out and try other things, too.

I highly encourage you to attend the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit next year if this is something that interests you, or consider donating to support the Woodhull Freedom Foundation.


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  1. also check out the interview Caitlyn Murphy did with JoEllen if you’re interested in this!! []

Review Sampler: Toys Under $50, ft. Fleshlight Quickshot, Tracey Cox Rechargeable Vibrator, & Tantus Vibrating C-Ring

Back at it again with the review sampler! This time we’ve got a few toys under $50 that we wanna discuss. Our past few reviews have been for toys that cost at least $100, so we decided to switch it up and tell you about some more affordable ones.


Fleshlight Quickshot

The Fleshlight Quickshot is a compact and versatile masturbator. Unlike other Fleshlight toys, the Quickshot has an opening on both ends and it’s short. It fits more easily in your hand or in a partner’s, and its open ended design means there are more ways to use it, like to add extra stimulation during oral sex.

There are different versions of the Quickshot and ours is the Vantage, which is clear. The Vantage has a slightly different texture than the Boost, which comes in silver and gold. The biggest problem that Liam had with the Stoya Lotus Fleshlight was that a lot of the texture inside the sleeve is at the end where most people’s penises could never reach. The Quickshot on the other hand1  has the same texture along the entire inside of the sleeve and is only about 4.5 inches long, making it an equal opportunity penis pleaser. fleshlight quickshot vantage

Another benefit to the Quickshot’s small size and open ends is that it’s so much easier to clean than a full size Fleshlight! Simply rinse it with warm water (you can also use Fleshwash to clean it) and let it dry.

The material on ours has started to show some degradation/tiny tears but nothing too bad. It’s really just noticeable by sight and not touch, so it doesn’t really matter to us. I’ve read that Fleshlight’s clear material tends to do this as well as losing a bit of transparency over time.

For around $30, the Fleshlight Quickshot is an amazing deal. It’s so easy to use/clean/store, it feels great, it’s versatile, and it’s made from body-safe material.

You can buy the Quickshot directly from Fleshlight, or find it at Early to BedSheVibe, Lovehoney, or Babeland for as little as $30.

P.S. Fleshlight toys are currently 20% off if you shop on Fleshlight’s site!




Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

A rechargeable vibrator for just $45? I was skeptical of the Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator but also very interested in trying an affordable rechargeable vibrator with an intriguing shape.

tracy cox gspot vibratorIt has two vibration settings and several vibration patterns, and I was surprised by how strong the high vibration setting is. But, I felt justified in my skepticism when I experienced how buzzy and surface-level the vibration is. I think it would be satisfying to people who don’t mind buzzy vibration2  but that just does not work for me at all. Strong buzzy vibration on my clit is a disappointment; strong buzzy vibration in my vagina is uncomfortable.

I was expecting to like the shape of it at least, but I find that uncomfortable as well for some reason. I guess I prefer a more rounded surface for g-spot stimulation. I also found the ridges on the sides to be a little pokey. That being said, I think that the curve is really nice and I love that the silicone is super soft and flexible. I also appreciate that it’s wider where the buttons are so it’s easier to hold and the buttons are easy to press.

If you’re like me and want/require a strong, rumbly, rechargeable vibe I highly recommend getting the OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle instead. The Cuddle is $60 so it doesn’t fit in the ‘under $50’ category, but for only $15 more than the Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator I think it’s a smart choice.

If you’re interested in trying the Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator you can find it at Lovehoney!
Free US delivery on sex toys, lingerie, gifts & accessories

THANK YOU Lovehoney for sending us this product in exchange for our honest review!


Tantus Vibrating Super Soft C-Ring

The Tantus Vibrating Super Soft C-ring is simple vibrating cock ring. No bells and whistles here, just a straightforward stretchy silicone cock ring with a removable bullet vibrator.

We already owned and loved the non-vibrating Super Soft C-Ring before we received the vibrating one, so we were excited to try one that vibrates. We liked that it was so stretchy yet snug and made of high quality silicone.

The tantus vibrating ringbullet vibrator included with the Vibrating Super Soft C-Ring isn’t the strongest out there and only has one speed, but I’d say it’s better than the standard watch-battery bullets that I’ve come across thus far. My biggest complaint about it is that it’s a little difficult to press the on/off button (which is one of the rounded points of the bullet vibe).

However, the bullet vibrator is removable and you can put a different one in. Unsurprisingly, we’ve mostly used it with the We-Vibe Tango in it. The silicone that holds the vibrator is so thin and always looks to me like it’s about to rip off when I take one out or put one in… but it’s hella durable.

I find the price of the Tantus Vibrating Super Soft C-Ring a little on the high side considering the non-vibrating version is only $11, but $40 for a great silicone cock ring that lets you change the bullet vibe in it is still a reasonable price. We very highly recommend the Super Soft C-Ring and the Vibrating Super Soft C-Ring!!

You can get the Vibrating Super Soft C-Ring directly from Tantus.


THANK YOU Tantus for sending us this product in exchange for our honest review!


  1. masturbation pun?! []
  2. this toy has lots of favorable reviews on Lovehoney’s site, so there definitely people who like it! []

Woodhull #SFS16 Fundraiser and Giveaway!

woodhull sfs logoIn just a few weeks I will be travelling to Alexandria, VA for the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. I am so excited to be attending the conference this year, and can’t wait to share my new knowledge and experiences with you all. I will definitely be live tweeting during the conference and writing a blog post about it when I get back.

This will be a costly adventure and I was inspired by Sarah from Marvelous Darling to host a giveaway and a fundraiser to help cover some of my expenses. There are a few ways to contribute and any donations no matter how small or large will help!

How to contribute

Generosity fundraiser

I’ve set up a fundraiser with IndieGoGo’s Generosity. Click here to check it out.
You can donate anonymously.

There are some perks in return for donating including shoutouts on Twitter and in my post-Woodhull blog post, handwritten cards, and access to my Snapchat.

Private donation

If you would prefer to donate privately instead of through my fundraiser page, please contact me.

Shop with our affiliates

Any time you shop with our affiliates we get a little money in return so it’s a fantastic way to help support our blogging endeavors. Now would be a great time to do this! Check out the banners in the sidebar to the right to see our affiliates or click here to browse current sales & deals.


And now for the more exciting part of this post: the giveaway. shevibe gift cardWe teamed up withour bae SheVibe to provide a $50 gift card for one lucky winner!

The giveaway begins June 14 at midnight (PST) and ends August 1 at midnight. A winner will be selected randomly and contacted by email. If the winner does not respond by email within 48 hours to confirm, a new winner will be selected. Donating will not increase your chances of winning, but donations are still very much appreciated!


#SFS16 Fundraiser $50 SheVibe Gift Card Giveaway!

Fun Factory Bouncer

fun_factory_bouncer_1If you are unfamiliar with the Fun Factory Bouncer, it might look like just a standard silicone dildo with a wavy shape. But, much like Transformers, there is more than meets the eye. The Bouncer is essentially a dildo with kegel balls in it and the three bulges along the shaft hold those balls. When you shake it in your hand you can feel them rattling around, and the idea is that when you thrust it in your other body parts you’ll feel it too. Sadly, this doesn’t really happen when I use it. That’s not necessarily the Bouncer’s fault, though.

If I had to guess, I’d say I probably thrust less than most people when I use dildos. So I can’t say I’m too surprised this feature doesn’t work perfectly for me. Before I tried it for the first time, I expected I would probably feel less fun jigglyness than others would but that I’d at least get some extra pleasure from it. The reality though is that I hardly feel the balls jiggling around in there at all; their movement is too subtle. I think you’d have to thrust pretty damn vigorously to enjoy its full potential. That’s not a theory I want to test because lots of quick thrusting is not something that feels good to my vagina, like, at all. It was also suggested to me to shake the base to get the balls to move, and that works better but it’s not comfortable for me to do that long enough to actually enjoy it. I don’t want to have to work that hard for a good orgasm.

One way the Bouncer pleasantly surprised me is with its shape. It has a slight curve that targets my g-spot well. I’m not a fan of intense g-spot stimulation so the gentle curve paired with the dragginess of the silicone is just right. The silicone is slightly different than the other Fun Factory toys I own. The Bouncer is smoother with more drag to itfun_factory_bouncer_2 compared to the others, like the Miss Bi, which have a softer and more velvety feel.

Fun Factory claims that the Bouncer’s base will stick to smooth surfaces and walls, as if it had a suction cup. I couldn’t get it to stick to my bedroom walls (maybe they are too textured?), and in the shower I had only temporary success before its weight pulled it down. Other than horizontal surfaces like tables and counter tops, the place it stuck best was a window. Sticking to my window is useless because I have zero interest in fucking something on a window. Exhibitionism isn’t really my thing.

There are a couple reasons why I appreciate the base though. One is that it makes it harness compatible. The other is that it makes it safe to put in butts. I prefer smaller or at least tapered toys when it comes to my butt though so I’ve never tried it, but I imagine it would feel pretty rad.

Regarding the price, I personally don’t think the Fun Factory Bouncer is worth it. I enjoy how it feels, but when the thing that’s most unique about it doesn’t factor into my pleasure at all, I don’t think it’s quite deserving of a $100 price tag. If I was someone who likes a lot of thrusting or could tolerate constant jiggling of the base while I use it, then I would feel more comfortable paying that much for it. Either way, I’m happy to see Fun Factory coming out with new and unique toys!

If you’re interested in trying the Bouncer yourself, you can get one directly from Fun Factory or from BabelandEarly to Bed, She Bop, or SheVibe.


THANK YOU Fun Factory for sending me this product in exchange for my honest review!